Monetize your marketing assets and maximize returns from your brand assets with DAM. 


In an ever evolving technological world, we produce and consume more content than in any other time in our history. A lot of these are brand assets in various digital formats and which need careful management. These assets can be marketing collaterals, brand logos, advertisement videos, product catalogue images, packaging material or even form your core product as is the case in the media and publishing industry. Digital Asset Management (DAM) or Media Management solutions support business users to manage the lifecycle of these assets – right from the process of creation to review and approval workflows, search and retrieval, to their distribution across multiple channels in a secure and consistent manner.


Digital Media Assets are a valuable property not just for their intrinsic value but also due to IP valuations, re-sale value, re-use value amongst others. Enterprises produce content that is text, images, audio, video, infographics and many other types, in a wide array of formats and sizes – everything needs a proper management system to optimize their use and value.

These digital media assets are expensive and difficult to produce. These are typically brand or marketing assets or they are the core product as is the case in the media and publishing. It is therefore important that these assets are managed well, repurposed or re-used effectively and disseminated across multiple distribution channels to a wider set of audiences. This is when the need for the right digital asset management system is necessitated to reduce costs, improve productivity, increase adherence to brand guidelines, reduce risk and most importantly enhance customer experience and brand visibility.


Manage the lifecycle of digital assets

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From the process of creation to reviews and approvals to dissemination across multiple channels in a secure and consistent manner, manage the lifecycle of your digital assets.

Metadata enrichment

Assets can be ingested and catalogued by automatically extracting metadata that is intrinsically available in the asset. This reduces manual data entry and curation effort, thus increasing design and publishing efficiency.

Powerful Search and Retrieval

Users can now find these assets when they need it without having to spend hours looking for them. Assets are stored along with rich metadata facilitating free text and attribute based search along with advanced filtering mechanisms.

Asset Collaboration

Asset review and approval workflows, annotations and comments for collaboration, secure asset sharing and email notifications ensure increase in productivity and quicker cycle time from creation to publishing.

Version control and rights management

Ensures that your marketing users use approved content as per brand guidelines and have access to the latest version of the content.

Asset Re-purposing

Your marketing and publishing teams will be able to convert content into multiple formats and easily disseminate across multiple distribution channels.


Assets that are no longer in daily use can be archived into a separate catalogue for reference and re-use at a later stage.


Digital Assets and Types of Digital Asset Management Systems


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