A supplier relationship management app for superior supplier management, sourcing, risk, & performance

On the occasion of completing the milestone of 10 years in the industry, Avaali, a company that provides automation solutions for digital business operations, announced a new release of its flagship product, the Velocious Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) application. Velocious SRM is a full-featured, scalable solution to automate the lifecycle of supplier processes including sourcing, […]

Digitalisation of Education enthuses experts

The second paperless budget at a time of India’s recovery from the pandemic is neither too populist nor a big bang. The budget focuses on infrastructure spending, thrust on investments, and Capex outlay. This is great because it could further fuel demand. The additional infusion of funds to CGTMSE and extension of ECLGS to March […]

These 10 inspiring business leaders contribute significantly to India’s growth

Srividya Kannan, Founder, and Director of Avaali Solutions Pvt Ltd is also the founder of Velocious, a digital solutions company enabling enterprises to deliver margin improvements. Srividya is also the Editor of Illuminar, a digital publication. She runs Avaali Academy to focus on building digital skills and Janus, a source to pay user group community. […]

The importance of making a right career decision

Every individual looks forward to achieving a larger purpose and finding meaning in life. For most people, this happens via their work. Work plays a primary role and is a core part of one’s identity. An average person spends about 100,000 hours of work during their lifetime. That’s a significant part (more than one-third) of […]

Digital Centre of Excellence inaugurated

Avaali Solutions inaugurated a Digital Centre of Excellence with KSIT and KSSEM University in Bangalore, as a part of its University Alliances program under Avaali Academy. Through this, Avaali intends to build a skill pool focused on various technologies.

Here’s why India’s IT sector is facing a talent war

The IT sector in India, often known as the world’s back office, is facing a staffing crisis as the number of skilled people entering the workforce is failing to keep pace with demand. It comes as the country continues to serve global corporates, while at the same time going through its own digital and tech […]

Is India shifting to low-code/no-code platforms?

Vetting LCAP platforms and investing in the most cost-effective solution, is the real pain point. “Analysing the solution thoroughly to differentiate between UI capabilities, data capabilities, process & workflow capabilities, business logic, integration, and other services would be critical to ensure that the right investments are taking place,” said Srividya Kannan, founder, Avaali Solutions.

Women in business: Learnings & advice

“There is no substitute for hard work. Practice, discipline, and hard work are imperative to growth. Also, with these, we continue to get better and better every day. Also, that success is not about that 100th time we delivered a knock-out performance, but all the 99 times we tried and tried without giving up.