Avaali Has a Clear Path Ahead For Scale and Growth

The Covid-19 and ensuing lockdowns have disrupted businesses across the world and in India. But some enterprises are clearly burning bright despite the pandemic. Bengaluru-based Avaali Solutions, a company that enables digital transformation for large enterprises, believes it has a clear path ahead for scale and growth. The company is not only banking on its […]

AI has the potential to not only handle processes independently but also predict patterns and risks

Avaali is a consulting and technology services company specializing in Information Management. They work with large enterprises to help them increase process agility, drive governance and compliance with Information Management solutions. Close to 80% of business processes across industries are manual in nature despite these large enterprises investing heavily in transactional applications such as ERP, […]

Given The Variety Of Customer Requirements, Getting To Quick Turnaround On All Fronts Means Having To Make Calculated Decisions On Project Risks

I’ve been engaging with large enterprise customers for a long time during my various corporate stints. One of the factors that has always been intriguing is that even though they spend a lot of dollars on transactional systems, they still have 80% of their processes which are handled manually – business users must deal with […]

India’s US $177b IT industry to have zero growth this year

India’s IT industry is projected to have zero growth this year in the face of a global recession induced by the COVID-19 pandemic, some analysts say. But there may be opportunities in the horizon for the US$177 billion industry, as technology plays a central role in the business continuity plans of many companies. Rebecca Bundhun […]

Five skills to master in the age of COVID-19

Social distancing while much needed, had its unintended consequence in the form of several stalled economies. We are still not entirely sure how quickly will economies bounce back to levels of normalcy. Layoffs, down-sizing and cost pressures are running deep in the nervous systems of enterprises. Impact from COVID 19 seems far nastier in comparison […]

Addressing the Evolving Digital Transformation

Avaali Solutions expressed some key insights regarding India’s changing digital landscape. She has spoken about how organizations are evolving with respect to their digital consumption and how Avaali Solutions is addressing the evolving market and contemporary digital trends.

Avaali Drives Process Transformation for Large Enterprises

Avaali works with large enterprises to drive process agility, governance and visibility via automating the unstructured content and workflows in every process. The fact remains that though large enterprises spend a lot of dollars on transactional systems, they still have 80% of their processes handled manually.