Solutions only deliver value to customers when they are appropriately deployed. Our customers tell us that our rich understanding of Information Management solutions enables them to maximize return on their investments.


As organizations grow, information can be one of the most valuable asset, and if effectively managed can support in significantly improving efficiencies, reducing costs, driving faster collaboration and decision making, improving standards of governance and compliance and protecting sensitive corporate information. This will help build a more agile organization able to proactively exploit opportunities, grow market share and reduce risks. Avaali offers consulting, implementation and support services for Enterprise Information Management (EIM) and Enterprise Mobility to help organizations realize the full value of their digital assets including their structured and unstructured content.

EIM gives organizations the ability to manage growing volumes across all content channels and formats to extract maximum business value, thereby helping them to exploit today’s technology trends like analytics and social media as well as a variety of delivery platforms such as mobile devices to build competitive advantage. Avaali has consultants who come with significant global experience in delivering solutions for the world’s best organisations. Our consultants have skill-sets in implementing and supporting some of the best of breed solutions in this space including SAPOpenText , ReadSoft etc.

Enterprise mobility is transforming not only internal operational processes to significantly bring down the cost and time taken to execute processes, but also transforming customer experience and business models in newer ways. Avaali has consultants who have worked on innovative solutions in this space for various industries including Automotive, Healthcare, FMCG, Retail, Process Manufacturing and Banking & Financial Services. As a result of our experience, our consultants are able to deliver not only today’s customer requirements, but also able to advise on newer ways to create compelling user experience with the power of Mobile Solutions.



From Data to Information Management and Business Insight


Avaali Consulting delivers deep expertise around several best of breed solutions in the Information Management space. With our rich experience and technical expertise in solutions like OpenText, ReadSoft, Kofax etc. we’re able to ensure that enterprises get the maximum benefit from solutions invested in. Our customers tell us that we bring value as a result of in-depth understanding of best practices in not only the solutions, but in functional processes as well.
From software implementation to upgrade and migration, we’re therefore able to reduce risks and ensure quick adoption of the solution for your enterprise. We use best in class methodologies and tools to simplify the implementation cycle and ensure that we deliver the project at a lower cost and risk. A hybrid engagement model combines onsite and offshore models to offer the best cost for the customer. Our governance and delivery mechanisms ensure that we are able to deliver outcomes from every customer engagement.


With our Application Support and Maintenance services, we ensure a hassle free experience for our customers. We work with you to support / maintain, enhance and deploy any additional solutions to maximize value from your investments. We provide great quality and reliability in our services and ensure that we meet our Service Level Agreements. 


Process Consulting

We understand the as-is process and clearly define pain points in the context of the key business priorities and organization objectives. This is typically done in discussions with both business user group and LOB heads. We undertake gap analysis and identify areas of improvement. We also do analysis of various solutions, design the to-be process and recommend the best fit for our customer based on your propensity to invest and the way you would like to see returns from your investments.

Blueprint Creation

This is a very critical stage in the lifecycle of any project as the real scope and deliverables are finalized with customer business users. Avaali conducts several workshops with key business and technology stakeholders and gathers comprehensive requirements. At the end of this exercise, Avaali will prepare and present a detailed blueprint document that captures summary of findings, together with details of how the solution is envisaged to be implemented to handle requirements of the customer. 

Solution Implementation & Support

The solution will be set up, installed, configured and deployed at this stage based on requirements documented in the blueprint. Avaali’s consultants implement solution best practices during the implementation including appropriate testing prior to deployment. Avaali follows best practices to ensure that your receive detailed documentation for configuration, testing etc. At the end of this phase, a detailed end user guide is provided together with training. 

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