As organisations struggle to respond rapidly to market saturation, customer experience, cost pressure and compliance, key automation initiatives free up employees from investing time in repetitive standard tasks and empowers them to concentrate on value added activities instead, bringing about numerous benefits to the workplace.

An RPA platform is the fastest and most efficient way to build intelligent robots that handle processing of information from virtually any application or data source, including websites, portals, desktop applications and enterprise systems—without any coding. It lets you quickly build, deploy and manage automated software robots that communicate bi-directionally across internal enterprise systems, web sites, web portals, desktop applications and other data sources, without requiring APIs and complex integration coding.

What can RPA Do?

With the help of RPA enterprises can enhance and automate human tasks that in turn improves the quality and efficiency of the results in a much shorter time. Here’s what RPA can do for you:

  • Log in to any application
  • Move files and folders
  • Read and write to databases
  • Scrape data from the web
  • Extract content from documents, PDFs, emails and forms
  • Connect to system APIs
  • Open emails and attachments
  • Make calculations.

Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

Increased Efficiency

RPA automates repetitive and rule-based tasks, reducing manual effort and improving overall process efficiency.

Cost Savings

By automating tasks previously performed by humans, RPA reduces labor costs and allows organizations to allocate resources more effectively.

Improved Accuracy

RPA eliminates the risk of human errors, ensuring consistent and accurate execution of tasks, which can lead to better data quality and reduced rework.

Scalability and Flexibility

RPA can scale up or down based on demand, allowing organizations to handle increased workload efficiently and adapt to changing business needs.

Faster processing Times

RPA executes tasks at a much faster pace than humans, leading to faster turnaround times and improved customer service.



Avaali Advantage

Avaali’s RPA Serviceoffers RPA consulting, implementation, COE build and support services to ensurethat you sweat your bots fully via smart deployments while bringing down your automation cost even as you scale processes, by leveraging Avaali’s expertise to set up your Automation CoE.


A Center of Excellence (CoE) is essentially the way to embed RPA deeply and effectively into the organization, and to redistribute accumulated knowledge and resources across future deployments.

Setting up the Robotic Operating Team

  • The core of the CoE team, consists of a set of clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Charged with implementing and managing the automation as quickly, as efficiently and as safely as possible throughout the enterprise.

Creating a scalable, functional & technical environment

  • Helps to focus on the functional resources & technical tools, clarifying and configuring them in support of the implementation.

Identify the Workforce for Automation

  • Engaging the broadest set of employees with a transparent process to prioritize potential automations.

Articulating an effective governance model

  • Assessing RPA opportunities and prioritizing automation activities.
  • It provides the guidelines and templates for assessment, design, development and deployment of robots, managing the demand pipeline.

Build the skills and capacity for RPA:

  • Developing an internal, self-sustaining and scalable RPA expertise to run and maintain robots

Performance and productivity metrics & measurement

  • In order to carry out impact assessments and highlight areas for business improvement

Avaali’s RPA CoE Services

Avaali’s Pre-built packages with tools and templates to quickly set-up and scale CoE
Customizable trainings all of which have the common traits of highly structured curriculum, accurate testing and reliable assurance of RPA capabilities. Leverage tools and template from Avaali to standardize and scale automation.

Customizable packages to setup Operations and Governance model
Audit and Authorize bots, Good practices and Templates, Audit and automation strategy

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