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Solutions for Social

Social media is an important element which is impacting the way people connect with each other and the way organizations interact with various entities: customers, partners, stakeholders, and employees. Social media is exciting because it allows you to build, grow and interact with communities in a real-time atmosphere inside and outside of your business walls. Enterprise social media strategy is becoming vital to business success across a wide range of industries. We are in the era of the ‘Social Business’ or ‘Social Enterprise’.


The power of the Social Business is immense as it transforms the way customers engage with an enterprise’s brands and products. It also transforms the way enterprises understand their customers’ preferences and perceptions. But choosing the right technologies is also an important aspect of a solid Social Business initiative. Understanding the organizational objectives, setting the right expectations, choosing a solution provider with the right blend of technology, business process and end-user training expertise can also play a key role in the successful deployment of Social Business strategies in organizations. The power of these solutions lies in their ability to take analytics out of the exclusive hands of the statisticians and into the hands of front line managers and customer care representatives who can then deploy it in their day-to-day operations.

The benefits offered by effectively executing a Social Business strategy are: 

  • Increased brand share of mind and top of mind recall, versus the competition.
  • Sales improvements through generation of leads through social platforms and improved conversion of leads through better engagement with customer prospects.
  • Connect users, partners and customers over engaging conversations where constructive feedback and opinions are voiced.
  • Customer services improvements through reduced response times and improved customer satisfaction.
  • Efficiency improvements as a large number of customers are reached at a lower cost compared to traditional channels.


Organizations the world over are adopting Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions to see fruition to their social media strategies and to effectively execute as ‘Social Businesses’.

Integrating social media

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CEM solutions provide a platform for integrating social media into your organization’s business processes, systems and portals. 

Analyse social media feeds

These solutions leverage feeds from various social pages relevant to your organization and industry, analyse them to help you assess the pulse of customers and your market as a whole.

Propagate brand messaging

By helping you build whole new social communities integrated into your websites and portals or by integrating your existing public social pages, these solutions help you build and propagate your brand messaging across the web. 

Real-time customer feedback

The real-time feedback on both macro and micro levels will help you resolve brand loyalty and customer satisfaction issues. The sources for these real-time social feeds need not be restricted to just your company’s social media pages. Content Analytics or Natural Language Processing (NLP) engines can be provided text feeds from various public forums, blogs and websites that are relevant to your industry so as to run sentiment analyses for your various brands and products. 

Web crawler integration

It is also possible to implement web crawlers that are able to extract these feeds and pass it on to the Content Analytics engine so as to have a more automated, hands-off process.


Such solutions are complimented with rich visualization abilities which can help business users to slice and dice data to gain insights, often without having to write a single line of code. 


Social CRM


Avaali helps organizations improve the quality and effectiveness of customer communications by putting in place well designed document templates and optimized document output flows. We also help you meet regulatory requirements by enabling you to gain full visibility into both data and content related elements of a business process. Our consultants have a deep understanding of best practices as a result of implementing Customer Experience Management solutions to enable the execution of Social Business strategies for various global customers. Avaali provides advisory services, implementation and support services to support the unique business process requirements of complex, global enterprises.

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