Automate your process of customer and stakeholder communication across channels. Tailor make and deliver compelling messages to your customers with agility and correctness.


Customer Communication Management (CCM) refers to a set of best practices and solutions that help organizations automate the process of customer and other stakeholder communications, across paper as well as electronic channels, for both one-to-one as well as mass communications. These solutions help organizations define and produce communication templates across a wide array of use cases, while ensuring that communications are tailor-made for recipients. They also help in the governance and monitoring of outbound communications across channels.


  • How do you give your business owners control over document output management and electronic communications, while ensuring that you meet your corporate and brand guidelines?
  • How do you push your brand messaging across multiple communication channels efficiently and cost effectively.
  • How do you differentiate in your communications and stand out from the crowd?
  • How do you use customer insights, profiles or preferences to tailor make your communications in real-time to cross-sell or up-sell?


Template design tools

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CCM solutions provide in-built document design tools to create rich document templates with placeholders for dynamic content. 

Central template repository

CCM templates can be managed in a central repository and re-used or modified as required for future communications.

Communications archive

CCM solutions typically allow you to store all outbound documents into a central archive repository for ready reference as well as to quickly find and resend documents.

Empower business users for ad-hoc communications

These solutions allow business users to create ad-hoc, personalized communications on the fly using pre-approved templates and adding customer or segment specific messaging into them at the time of document creation.

Business rules based document composition

Business rules can be created for templates, based on which content from various sources will be inserted into the document dynamically.

Review and approval workflows

Before documents are released to customers and other stakeholders, they go through a review and approval cycle to ensure correctness of messaging as well as adherence to brand and corporate guidelines and policies.

Orchestrate data flows from various sources and formats

Document composition is done using data, both static and dynamic, from various source systems and formats. CCM solutions are integrated with backend systems such as SAP or Lawson. They can also receive high volume data and document input in various formats before final composition and output.

Post-processing and output monitoring

Customer communications require a lot of post processing before they can be released to the target audience. For example high-volume multi-document packages would require sorting and bundling, application of OMR marks etc. Furthermore monitoring of document output is essential to govern customer communications, identify bottlenecks etc. It is vital to look for a CCM solution that has these functionality as standard ware.


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Avaali helps organizations improve the quality and effectiveness of customer communications by putting in place well designed document templates and optimized document output flows. We also help you meet regulatory requirements by enabling you to gain full visibility into both data and content related elements of a business process. Our consultants have a deep understanding of best practices as a result of implementing Customer Communication Management solutions for various global customers. Avaali provides advisory services, implementation and support services to support the unique business process requirements of complex, global enterprises.

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