Your Challenges

The retail and consumer products industry has become highly complex as a result of multi-channel, social, customer centricity, and cost pressures. There is heightened competition to maintain / gain market share driven also by a variety of channels and options that the customer has today. Customers are less loyal, more informed and expect to conduct business son their terms. Maximizing efficiency, sustaining profitability, enhancing brand image, dealing with compliance and gaining competitive advantage are all major challenges that this industry is facing.

Transformation Management

Staying at the forefront of a fast changing industry requires companies to focus on addressing every day challenges such as rising costs, demand, technology enabled shoppers etc. via innovative solutions.   In addition to understanding their customers and their sentiments / requirements, enterprises are also focusing on understanding customers of your competitors and what they say about the various experiences.[read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

On the other hand, retailers are continuously looking to bring down costs, and make their internal operations far more productive in order to maximize margins. Ensuring seamless processes, and bringing down the cost per transaction is high on the agenda.


Critical Success Factors

With the launch of pure play online retailers, it is important for traditional retailers to have clarity around how they want to leverage technology to look at becoming a multi-channel retailer from an availability, security and reliability standpoint. Also, leveraging technology is critical to significantly streamline processes and bring down overall cost of operations. The business users in your enterprise needs greater visibility and understanding to your unstructured content, to be able to shrink cycle time to execute their daily operations and deliver sustainable growth.

Key Business solutions

POS solutions create huge amounts of data stressing your IT resources and posing risk to your business. Couple this with retention, storage, and access of sales records from multiple channels, and the problem only exponentially increases. Our solution helps you reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), supports compliance, and mitigates risk by letting you manage your content to comply with tax and legal regulations. The content management solution integrates with POS and multi-channel solutions from SAP and other vendors and allows you to store, manage and retrieve data and documents from both SAP and non-SAP software.

From Supply Chain Management and Store / Multi- Channel there is a significant amount of fragmented documentation and inconsistencies. In the supply chain this has an impact on being able to maintain good supplier relationship (including transportation suppliers) to negotiate best rebates and having a 360 view on suppliers including complete contract history and correspondence.  In a multi-channel scenario, this means to reduce the time to open a store, review contracts and negotiations and optimize profits. However quite often business users have difficulty in finding right documents when needed, collaborating effectively with multiple stakeholders and deal with inefficient processes.  The ECM solution manages the lifecycle of enterprise content (from creation, collaboration, store, search and archive), integrates content to transaction data and manages content as records for safe disposition and discovery during litigation.  The solution fully integrates with your ERP and / or CRM.

Creating compelling customer communications with multi-channel delivery, this solution can support you to cross-sell / up-sell with individualized offers and maximize your share of wallet from customers

Your marketing investments needs to be adequately leveraged to maximize returns. This solution increases creativity and productivity, eliminates duplicate and un-necessary spends with agencies, improves brand consistencies and reduces campaign costs.

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