The Background

Avaali is a specialist in Information Management. We’ve worked with several large enterprises to help them increase productivity, compliance and reduce costs via emerging technologies.

After several years of experience working with the ecosystem of leading players in this space, we believe that there is a huge gap in terms of digital skills. Getting people with strong understanding of the Information management domain, together with technical or functional skills is very rare.

There is a significant potential to address this gap via various forms of enablement. Avaali would like to be one of the front runners in narrowing this gap. In this context, we’re proud to launch the Avaali Academy – a forward looking organization focused on engaging with thought leaders, subject matter experts, and the pool of people looking to play intense roles in the Information Management community. Avaali is happy to partner with the largest and possibly the oldest community of Information Management professionals in the world – AIIM (the Association for Information and Image Management).