Your Challenges

The insurance industry needs to comply with both new and existing regulations and standards. You face a lot of competitive pressures. You are looking to maximize the lifetime value of a customer while at the same time bringing down costs. You need a 360 view of the customer, and be able to proactively offer them the right experience, improve customer loyalty and reduce cost per customer. You also need to minimize risks and ensure that your internal users have access to the right information when they need it – whether as a part of their business process or even during an audit.

Transformation Opportunities

Insurance companies are increasingly accelerating time to market by eliminating paper, automating processes and respond more quickly to customers. Several enterprises are looking to engage better, personalize communication with their customers and offer them just the right solutions they are in need for at the moment.  They are leveraging digital technologies to transform their existing processes, create new value for the customer and better their overall operating margins.

Critical Success Factors

The insurance industry is highly competitive. Companies compete with each other for a better share of wallet from the customer.  In such a scenario, companies will have to differentiate themselves to retain and grow their share of market. These differentiators will need to be identified early and aligned with the overall company strategy. The execution mechanism to make a perceivable impact needs to be tied in with necessary changes to business processes as well as technology adoption. It is critical to focus on the personalization of content, experience, pricing, process etc. in line with context and location awareness, insights from customer data etc. and provide an omni-channel experience for stakeholders.

Key Business solutions

Our solutions for customer communication allows you to deliver innovative products, enrich your overall customer experience and provide significant higher quality of customer communications and customer facing documents. With this solution, you can manage all aspects of your customer communication in multiple languages through omni channels, format and platforms. One master template per document type allows you to also generate variations including personalization, imagery, format (paper, electronic mobile) etc.


The impact that an effective ECM can have on your business is immense. With our rich solution for ECM, you are now equipped with an integrated document and business process management solution with flexible and scalable workflows and a single repository for all your enterprise and customer content.  The solution allows you a hassle free way to ensure safe retention and secure disposition of your enterprise content as per government and other statutory regulations.

Your marketing team invests a lot in creating and managing brand assets. You release campaigns, promotions and advertisements from time to time for existing as well as new products. With our DAM solution, you can manage the entire lifecycle of your brand assets from its creation, workflow to dissemination and archival. Digital media can be disseminated simultaneously across multiple outlets to reach consumers via web, mobile, social, print – as well as co-branded content for distributors, retailers, and partners – all needing the right content at the right time. This solution offers a centralized, secure and accessible repository to manage your digital assets.

Given that your customers are always online, this solution helps you deliver web content in a highly seamless, contextual and tailored way across a myriad of channels and devices. It has a scalable content management system that helps you create an interactive website that can handle large volumes of traffic, integrate social, conduct transactions and engage with your customers in a contextual manner. By satisfying customers with compelling experiences and meaningful conversations, the solution offers various benefits by not only increasing revenue but also gaining competitive advantage.

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