Your Challenges

The manufacturing industry is undergoing tremendous transformation led by increasing regulations, environmental concerns, widening skill gap and the constant challenge to keep margins by increasing productivity. Manufacturing processes have increasingly become very complex. Supply chains have become extremely sophisticated and involve collaboration with multiple stakeholders, both within and outside the enterprise. Unless effectively managed, these could potentially cause errors, inconsistencies and delays in cycle time, leading to impact on share of wallet and margins.[read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

In addition, compliance and regulatory requirements are only increasing, and violations can have very personal and negative repercussions to not only the company but also its Board of Directors.


Transformation Management

Developments in technology have allowed manufactures to become connected, global enterprises that provide better products at lower costs. Manufacturers are continuing to globalize production facilities and de-centralize design and engineering departments. Enterprises are investing in reviewing their existing processes to make it more seamless and eliminate latency with the support of technology.[read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

Enterprises are investing in information management solutions that not only provide a single source of truth but also offer extensive version control capabilities, automate workflows and enable strong sharing and collaboration of content for running processes seamlessly. Such information need to be always available to the business user irrespective of the device or their choice of platform. Integration of new partners, mergers and acquisitions, and changes in governmental regulations are being addressed quickly and smoothly without disrupting ongoing operations. New technologies such as Internet of Things will drive the fourth industrial revolution.


Critical Success Factors

In order to succeed, it is imperative for business users to have a 360 view of information – including enterprise assets, workforce, fleet, product design, engineering, retail and distribution. Reducing product development lead times and optimizing individual business processes within finance, production, design, and distribution is absolutely imperative to the success of enterprises.  Smart manufacturing in a highly connected, knowledge based enterprise with optimal business processes is critical to enhance productivity and meet turnaround time.


Key Business solutions

This solution provides a single version of truth for all product design and engineering information. The design, review and approval process is completely automated. The solution allows for collaboration amongst various departments to leverage design related information and for final approvals. The solution can directly integrate with leading PLM’s for centralized access to all design and engineering information.

This solution helps you to extend your ERP / EAM applications to deliver collaboration, information governance and process control to operations and associated maintenance procedures. With this solution, you get a 360 view of factory asset documentation and maintenance activities, thereby reducing efforts tied to manual processes for document control, information handover and commissioning.

With this solution, you can create consistent customer experience across online and instore platforms. All your rich media files can be aggregated and made available across retail networks allowing you to provide the most relevant and easy access for your distributors and retailers. From product brochures, promotional videos, high resolution images, technical bulletins to online product catalogues and product configurators – all your assets can be managed across its lifecycle from creation to its ultimate distribution / archive. You can provide the most contextual information to your customers irrespective of the channel they engage with you in.

Aftermarket service centers and remote field service engineers need access to all information associated with a product.  Information must be available across ruggedized mobile devices. This solution provides all relevant information including repairs and test procedures, Assembly & Disassembly Videos, product drawings and visualizations, fault diagnosis routines, technical service bulletins etc. for easy access by your service centers. Any replacement parts could be ordered via a portal and dispatch related alerts can be set. Workflows could be easily automated, and all audit trails maintained in the application.

With this solution, the entire lifecycle of all your contracts can be managed centrally. You no longer need to spend inordinate time searching for the right version of the contract or to worry about whether it may be accessed inappropriately. Contracts could also be managed as enterprise records thereby ensuring that they are retained for the stipulated period and safely disposed thereafter.

Your marketing investments needs to be adequately leveraged to maximize returns. This solution increases creativity and productivity, eliminates duplicate and un-necessary spends with agencies, improves brand consistencies and reduces campaign costs.

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