Avaali International Women’s Day – Panel Discussion Replay

The Avaali team celebrated International Women’s Day with much fanfare. A very interesting panel discussion today with esteemed panelists including Pratima Ram, Kshama Pradhan, Gayanika Gunasekera, and Ian Faria together with Srividya Kannan discussing important topics such as gender equality, diversity and inclusion, and woman leadership.

CFO Perspectives Episode 3

The opportunity for CFOs to act as a leading change agent has never been greater. CFOs are now leading the digitization initiatives and are responsible for determining how the organization can benefit from emerging technologies.

CFO Perspectives Episode 2

We are all facing today a rising uncertainty due to this global pandemic and the way for enterprises to emerge stronger than ever from this strange time in history is to harness the digital agenda and build resilience in their operational processes.

SAP Data Archiving Good Practices

Explosive data growth in SAP systems causes deterioration of application performance and user productivity, high costs due to large tier-1 Enterprise Storage volumes with high redundancy as well as high administration costs due to long backup and maintenance windows. Furthermore, large databases cause longer system downtimes during upgrades and restorations, resulting in loss of business.

How can Technology enable Peak Performance Even During a Global Pandemic?

Coronavirus Global Pandemic has impacted business across the globe. Enterprises that stood tall mere weeks ago are striving to figure out their future and increasingly shifting from progress mentality to survival mentality, turning their backs on innovation and strategic development. According to a UN report, the global economy can shrink up to 1 percent in […]