Learn From UPL’s Successful AP Automation Journey

Invoice Management solution to centralize its Invoice Processing via a shared services centre. UPL was facing numerous challenges in their P2P function around increased volume of supplier invoices across multiple systems, lack of invoice receipt process uniformity and strained vendor relationships as a result of manual processes.

Save Costs and Drive Productivity with Kofax ReadSoft Intelligent Invoice Processing Automation

Invoice automation is rapidly becoming every business’s top priority to free employees from mundane jobs and help them focus on elevating their roles with tasks that need human intervention. Digital is fuelling significant invoice processing transformation by eliminating paper, accelerating cycle time to the process, and enabling faster decisions. With Kofax ReadSoft Intelligent invoice processing […]

Trends in Source to Pay Automation

According to a report, 56% of Source to Pay tasks are fully or largely automatable. This highlights a great opportunity, as more and more companies are rigorously inspecting the core processes that run their business, seeking areas to add efficiency in the Source to pay process. The source-to-pay process includes strategic procurement activities like spend […]

Sourcing Automation and Trends

Procure to Pay processes hold the potential to restrict and tie-down businesses instead of acting as the wind beneath their wings. While these processes can be leveraged to interact and innovate with suppliers, the associated complexities can drive suppliers away and have a negative effect on the bottom line.

Automate Your P2P Processes to Bring Down Procurement Cost and Improve Governance

As the pressure to drive cost and time savings intensify, finance leaders, realize they need to be agile. Investing in procure-to-pay automation reduces stress levels for finance teams, ensures efficient operations, and improves spending transparency. Addressing strategic priorities and refining processes provides the necessary support for finance leaders to step into a more strategic role. […]

Good Practices in Supplier Information Management and Vendor Onboarding Automation

In larger organizations, supplier information is typically fragmented across departmental, line of business and/or regional applications. In most cases, this means it’s inaccurate, inconsistent, incomplete and disconnected across the different siloed systems. Adding, changing or correcting information in one system doesn’t automatically update it in other systems. As a result, supply chain, sourcing and buying […]

Leverage Velocious SRM to Reduce Procurement Costs

With Velocious Supplier Relationship Management enterprises could automate the engagement with their suppliers across the lifecycle, right from RFP/RFI issuance to supplier registration, issuance of PO, receiving of electronic invoices, processing of invoices and intimation of payments. The solution combines the unique features and integrations with the Accounts Payable / ERP solution to deliver a […]