Your Challenges

As the Manufacturing LOB head, key challenges revolve around Regulatory Compliance, focusing on health, safety, waste management, and workforce-related regulations. Continuous Product Innovation is vital for staying competitive, requiring streamlined processes. Upskilling the workforce is a priority, balancing healthcare costs due to hazardous work environments. Managing Plant Maintenance for optimal uptime without affecting delivery timelines is an ongoing challenge.


Digital transformation is revolutionizing plant operations by replacing paper-based processes with agile, compliant information management systems. Accessible data and documents tailored to users’ profiles streamline business processes for enhanced efficiency. Furthermore, IoT, Drones, and Smart sensors automate the supply chain, creating intelligent plants with proactive information visibility. Sensors provide real-time asset insights, enabling proactive maintenance scheduling and cost-saving actions. A connected factory ensures supply chain visibility, ensuring timely delivery of the right products at competitive prices.


For successful transformation, the factory/quality head must lead and secure buy-in from key stakeholders. A phased approach with a clear vision and roadmap, demonstrating quick wins before seeking more investment, is crucial. Additionally, partnering with a credible ally is essential for a successful transformation program.

Key Business solutions

Our manufacturing solutions enable comprehensive management of product design information throughout its lifecycle, facilitating team collaboration and rights-based asset access. Automated design review and approval processes streamline operations. Efficient lifecycle management of digital media assets minimizes production costs and enhances governance. Automated paperwork related to assets, personnel, and maintenance scheduling ensures timely access during audits, maintaining a single version of truth for plant information.

Our solution streamlines contract management, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. It automates the entire contract lifecycle, from initiation to archival/renewal, encompassing authoring, workflows, negotiation, and execution. It enables easy access to enterprise-wide knowledge, standardization, and risk reduction for legal teams and business users. Managing key milestones and leveraging incentives is simplified. Additionally, the solution’s robust analytics tool provides extensive insights into contract performance. 

Our solution efficiently manages large volumes of information crucial for maintaining machinery and physical assets, including work orders, maintenance records, schematics, and inspection reports. It integrates seamlessly with everyday software like SAP ERP or Microsoft SharePoint, optimizing technical documentation and maintenance activities to minimize downtime and enhance efficiency.

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