Your Challenges

As the LOB head for manufacturing, your key challenges include

Regulatory / Compliance: You are spending a lot of time on regulatory and compliance matters. Everything from health, safety, waste management to workforce related compliance keeps you on your toes. You are constantly ensuring that sustainability and environmental regulations are complied with
Product development / Innovation: To stay on top, you have to constantly innovate. You need a set of processes that will allow you to keep a steady stream of innovation and new launches coming in.
Upskilling your people: You are constantly looking to ensure that your people are upskilled and have the adequate knowledge to execute well in their jobs.[read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]
Healthcare costs: Given that your workers are employed in relatively more hazardous environments, you need to ensure that your healthcare costs are not disproportionately rising.
Plant Maintenance: Ensuring the uptime of your factory assets and ensuring regular preventive maintenance is quite challenging and you are constantly keeping track of to ensure that your delivery lead times are not impacted.[/read]


Digital is reshaping the way a plant operates. Technologies such as information management are replacing paper based process with digital, which not only makes the process more agile but also ensures that the governance and compliance issues are fully taken care of.  All documents and data that are needed for a business process are available to the right user based on their profile, which enables your business users to conduct processes in a seamless and efficient way. [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

Technologies such as Internet of Things, Drones and Smart sensors are fully automating supply chain and creating an intelligent plant where visibility to information is proactively available for further action. For instance, sensors that send information about an asset allows the plant manager to proactively schedule maintenance or place an order for a part and save costly breakdowns. A connected factory where there is full visibility to the supply chain will ensure that the right product is delivered on time and at the right price.



To prepare for this transformation, the factory / quality head must personally be the torch bearer and ensure buy in from key stakeholders.  A phased approach with a clear vision and a roadmap is important to ensure that you are able to deliver and showcase some quick wins before asking for further investment.  It is also important for you to have a credible partner who can work with you to make your transformation program a success.

Key Business solutions

With our solutions for manufacturing , you are able to manage all the product design information (3D CAD models, design reports etc.) across its life cycle and ensure that your teams can collaborate and work on the asset based on their rights. The design review and approval process is fully automated.

All your digital media assets can be managed across its lifecycle thereby ensuring low cost of production and better governance. All paperwork relating to your asset, people, maintenance scheduling etc. can be automated and made available in a timely manner at the time of audits. This ensures a single version of truth to all your plant information.

With this solution , all contracts with various stakeholders can be effectively managed to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements. This solution automates the entire lifecycle of the contract right from initiation, authoring, workflows, negotiation, approval, execution, and archival / renewal.  With this solution, your legal team or business users are able to locate knowledge across the enterprise, ensure standardization and minimize risk.  All key milestones can be managed via this solution and corresponding incentives can be taken advantage of. This solution also has a powerful analytics tool that enables extensive insight into the contract performance. 

With this solution, you are able to manage vast volumes of information required to keep machinery and other physical assets well maintained with minimal downtime – such as work orders, maintenance records, schematics, inspection reports, lists for parts and suppliers, vendor PO’s etc. Further, this also gets integrated with everyday software and processes such as SAP ERP or Microsoft Sharepoint. With this solution, you can you can optimize the efficiency of your technical documentation and maintenance activities.

This solution streamlines and expedites communication and collaboration between supervisors, field maintenance workers, engineers, and other internal or external personnel responsible for keeping physical assets up and running. For more information click our Solutions for Social.

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