Your Challenges

As a marketing head, you want to consistently create a brand experience for your customers. You want to give your customers the best possible brand experience including access to your organization irrespective of channel and device. You want to optimize your website to make it highly interactive, simplified and responsive that will keep wanting customers to come back. You want to create compelling experiences that deliver a differentiated experience for your customers. You want to draw prospective customers to your organization and brand through a multi-channel engagement.[read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

You also want to leverage a close loop marketing to discover what is working and what requires improvement.  You want intelligent dashboards that provide you with insights into your customer expectations and experience in engaging with your brand including what they are doing or saying about competitive brands. Translating all this to your internal organization including customer care, sales, production and your top management is important for you to stay on top of your marketing agenda.


Transformation Opportunities:

The marketing teams of most large enterprises are looking at newer ways to get closer to their customer.  They understand that they can leverage digital to not only engage and provide superior experiences for their customer, but also create a clear differentiator for themselves.[read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

  • With Digital, your campaigns can now be planned and executed in a more efficient way to not only attract more audiences but also convert visitors to customers and measure returns on your investment
  • The investment in your brand assets can be monetized in a far more superior way by ensuring that you not only maintain a compelling and consistent brand message but also include mobile marketing capabilities as a part of your global brand strategy.
  • You also want to add social capabilities to your current business processes to support knowledge sharing and enable online conversations between your customers – whether in a B2B, B2C or B2E environment. You also want to measure the impact of your investments in social and use that to re-adjust your strategy.
  • Your work processes could be augmented with social capabilities such as blogs, microblogging and status updates.
  • It is important for enterprises to take advantage of every interaction they do with stakeholders to improve trust and loyalty. Delivering personalized and relevant communications is on top of agenda for virtually every business to strengthen these relationships and be able cross sell and upsell. The marketing content should be optimized for delivery across channels and be later repurposed as required.[/read]


As much as the quality and relevancy of content is critical to success, what is equally important is to have a strong understanding the customer and the stage of their lifecycle. Customers have differing needs at various stages in their lifecycle and how a brand is able to understand and leverage that insight to be able to deliver personalized experiences is extremely critical to success. Customers are always connected and want to engage with a brand irrespective of location. A brand therefore must offer a uniform omni-channel experience to capture a fair share of eye-balls with the customer. Finally, corporate agility is impeded by a complex and manual asset management process. An enterprise needs to monetize the company’s intellectual property / brand portfolio and incorporate agility via a better brand asset management solution

Key Business solutions

This solution  allows you to create tailored, contextualized and compelling user experiences as your customers engage with your brand across multiple channels. The solution allows you to create a responsive design to provide a consistent digital experience across devices and platforms. It is also enriched with features such as contextual browsing with persona based segmentation to provide customers information that they will find meaningful and that they can relate to. It is allows you to integrate social widgets and communities to your websites.

This solution  provides a single source repository and work process for all brand assets. It reduces the cost and frequency of rebranding exercises by implementing brand management practices and systems. In addition, it also provides a flexible reporting via which your marketing team has the visibility to creative spending and is able to better manage the cost of these brand assets.

This solution  is an enterprise grade, integrated social media solution for your website, intranet and extranet. The solution incorporates blogs, wikis, forums, events etc. not only for your customers to collaborate but also for your internal marketing users to work more efficiently. This is also enriched with reporting features that provides details on visitor / member level engagement and contribution. It has records management and archival features in-built into the product for you to keep a track of the various conversations. It is also integrated with mobile thereby enabling ease of use and a great user experience.

This is a document output solution  that supports your marketing team to create dynamic, interactive and multi-channel communication for consistent branding and delivery.  This is especially useful if you often have to create customized content for your customers by taking inputs from multiple source systems that are in line with your legal and compliance norms.

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