Reduce cycle time and cost of operational business processes via digital

Over 250+ large enterprises have relied on Avaali to deliver margin improvements via digital.

Avaali has enabled significant margin improvement via GBS business models for large enterprises.

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EVP Champions Drive

Happy to share that Avaali has been highlighted as a case in point for our “EVP Champions Drive” at the Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo, 2022! Our Employee Value Proposition has enabled us to create an environment where employees feel empowered to be autonomous, innovative, and collaborative. This focus on the EVP has gone a long way in enhancing the employee experience and lowering attrition significantly. We are proud of our achievements and excited to continue driving employee engagement through this successful initiative.



On behalf of Tata Projects, I am thrilled to express our sincere appreciation for Avaali's exceptional expertise and services in automating our accounts payable process. This strategic collaboration underscores our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance our operational efficiency. We are already witnessing significant improvements in agility, visibility, and governance within our Accounts Payable operations. These advancements not only streamline our processes but also empower us to better serve our stakeholders and drive sustainable growth.
Mandar Thakur Desai
Deputy Chief Information Officer-IT & ERP department  - Tata Projects
Avaali , a key strategy vendor for UBL, has been instrumental in the P2P functional areas. Their long-standing engagement with UBL, combined with their capabilities in automation of P2P & O2C processes, RPA, and Power Apps, positions them as a potential leader in the service industry. Avaali’s strong product portfolio and solution architects add value by leveraging technology capabilities from their Gold Partner with SAP - OpenText & VIM. UBL acknowledges Avaali’s growing capabilities in RPA and end-to-end P2P & finance process transformation.
Srividya Rangarajan
Head of Technology  - United Breweries Ltd.
With the implementation of OpenText Core Archive Solution, Croma saw significant reduction in operational and administration costs by archiving 1.5 TB of data. We were able to achieve long term cost effective secured storage, retrieval and management of archived data.
Mr. Anupam Lav
Head Data and Analytics Platform  - Croma
After the implementation of OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP Solutions, we have enhanced control over our Accounts Payable process with the consolidation of our distributed invoice processing cycle. Our resources are able to engage themselves in more value-added tasks as a result of the elimination of manual processes. Avaali's deep expertise in implementing OpenText VIM has helped us take the solution to live in a quicker time frame.
Mr. Anand Sultania
Chief Financial Officer,  - Borosil Ltd
With the implementation of OpenText Archiving and Document Access for SAP, Tata AutoComp saw huge performance improvements and significant reduction in managing storage and related costs. Tata Autocomp expects to achieve migration of approx. 350 GB of documents in the current year. The project helped us in facilitating seamless retrieval of documents and data with reduced downtimes.
Mr. Ranjeet Kadam
Vice President  - IT and ERP at TATA AutoComp Systems Ltd
“As part of OIL’s digital journey, the invoice management process shall be standardized and the process workflow digitalized to improve team productivity and leverage process automation across the invoice management lifecycle through the Invoice to Pay solution”
Sushil Chandra Mishra
Chairman and Managing Director  - Oil India Limited
With the implementation of OpenText Archiving and Document Access for SAP, MAS saw vast improvements in performance and an immediate reduction and an additional benefit in managing storage and its costs to a certain degree. The archiving helped with savings of close to 150 GB of data and the migration of approximately 200 GB of data helped improve system performance substantially. The project also helped us mitigate legal liability through proactive content lifecycle management.
Imran Mohamed Ali
Head of IT Infrastructure and Support  - MAS Holdings
“Avaali's expertise in OpenText VIM support and upgrade helped us manage our VIM project efficiently, stay compliant, reduce downtime and keep running things smoothly."
Rahul Yadav
Head - Digital & Technology Business Solutions - Asia Pacific & Middle East  - Compass Group
Digitization was the key requirement for KPTL. We had challenges due to diversified operations at 150+ site offices in India and 30+ countries outside India. After the implementation of OpenText VIM, we’re having much better control over our Accounts Payable process. We’ve now built in the maturity in our processes within KPTL with this solution and are well prepared to take the next leap, to centralize Accounts Payable across the Kalpataru Group.
Ketan Parikh
As a result of this implementation, we have been able to reduce our invoice processing time significantly by 75-85%, it is now down to 1-2 days from an earlier 7-day invoice processing cycle time. We have also now achieved about 55% touchless invoice processing within 4 months of the go-live of the VIM solution. Using VIM reports, we have a good visibility on the liabilities and bottlenecks, thus enabling the business and management to have better control over the whole process and faster decisions. With this solution Avaali has implemented standardized invoice processing rules across locations, thus enabling better governance of the end to end process.
Head of IT, Bidco, Africa  - (Implementation of OpenText VIM by Avaali for Bidco, Africa)
We went live in just 3 1/2 months and the solution has resolved our issues by providing us with a platform for automated and standardized invoice processing. Tata Sky's accounts payable users are very happy using this solution and we have been able to gain a 70-percent increase in efficiency in our Shared Services Center.
VP OF FINANCE AT TATA SKY  - (Tata Sky solves accounts payable challenges with OpenText and Avaali, reducing invoice processing time by five days)
“At Nayara Energy, we made a definitive move from fragmented, laborious, and time-consuming accounts payable process to implement SAP Vendor Invoice Management system. The platform not only helped us improve efficiencies, enhance productivity, simplify operations, and most importantly, helped in eliminating bottlenecks. The multi-level approval approach that this platform brings ensures more control on systems and significantly improves the cycle time. The smooth and successful implementation of the platform has resulted in achieving timely closure of books and appropriate governance and records management.”
Parthasarathy S
Chief Accounting and Transformation Officer  - Nayara Energy
After the implementation of OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP Solutions, we have much better control over our Accounts Payable process. Control & Visibility over open GI-IR has increased. Invoice processing is much more efficient. We’ve finally overcome the challenges of invoice copy retention, retrieval and cross-department sharing. We’re now well prepared to take the next leap and centralize Accounts Payable across the Group. Avaali as a partner with strong knowledge in this space has added immense value in the form of smooth implementation and support!
Nikunj Thaker
DGM - IT  - (Intas Pharmaceutical Limited)
At Nayara Energy, we are accelerating towards strategic growth. To enable the same, we have been unlocking several finance transformation initiatives that are truly changing the way work is done and are bringing about value across the enterprise. One such initiative is the implementation of SAP VIM and through this implementation, we are ensuring process excellence along with improved productivity. The true value of the implementation was realized during the COVID-19 lockdown period as the tool Nayara Energy Case Study allowed greater flexibility and remote accessibility. The platform by ensuring our vendor ecosystem continues to trust Nayara Energy as we facilitated processes without compromising on timelines, with a firm view on compliance and controls.
Anup Vikal
Chief Financial Officer  - Nayara Energy Limited
With this solution, we saw a reduction in our storage as well as system administration costs. We also saw process improvements in our transactional processes. We gained database space by archiving three years of data while retaining online access to archived data via SAP screens. Also, there are no open transactions in SAP
Chief Information Officer, Sun TV  - (Implementation of OpenText ADA, SunTV choose OpenText implementation partner, Avaali)

Key Solution Offerings

  • Significantly increase supplier engagement and bring down costs
  • Improve Supplier Relationships with faster turnaround on supplier queries
  • Bring down your AP processing costs
  • Increase process agility and ensure compliance with AP Invoice Automation Solutions
  • Consolidate and standardize your operational processes
  • Design the most optimal business processes for your shared services and deliver significant returns via automation
  • Reduced costs by identifying bottlenecks, inefficiencies and tasks that can benefit from automation.
  • Improved performance management by continually monitoring processes in real-time

Shared Services Transformation

The scope of shared services is being expanded to look beyond Finance, HR and IT.

Procurement, Supply Chain, Legal, Marketing, Customer Services and Operation functions are being evaluated to explore ways to increase competitiveness and enable the organization to meet its financial objectives while also driving innovation.

The Next Generation SSC’s are considering a comprehensive governance framework that supports in ensuring interfaces, eliminating silos, that makes the shared service work seamlessly and ensure scalability.

Enterprises are leveraging digital technologies that allows them to significantly drive speed and accuracy in running their shared services processes and make additional time available for better decision making by providing dashboards on key performance indicators including process agility and service innovation.

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