“Avaali’s expertise in OpenText VIM support and upgrade helped us manage our VIM project efficiently, stay compliant, reduce downtime and keep running things smoothly.”

Digitization was the key requirement for KPTL. We had challenges due to diversified operations at 150+ site offices in India and 30+ countries outside India. After implementation of OpenText VIM, we’re having much better control over our Accounts Payable process. We’ve now built in the maturity in our processes within KPTL with this solution and are well prepared to take the next leap, to centralize Accounts Payable across the Kalpataru Group.

As a result of this implementation, we have a 360-degree visibility into any and all content associated with transactions in SAP. All our contents are now securely stored in a centralized repository thus avoiding silos and gives us the flexibility to access our content from different sources via preferred user interfaces. With document centric business process workflows being implemented, we are able reduce cycle time by 50% for Due Payment Approval process, 40% for Reconciliation process, 50% for Accounts Receivable Process, 70% for Master Data Creation process and enabled the business and management to have better control over the whole process and faster decisions. With Extended ECM Scan solution, Bidco is able to digitize most of the physical documents and thus minimizing dependency on physical documents

As a result of this implementation, we have been able to reduce our invoice processing time significantly by 75-85%, it is now down to 1-2 days from an earlier 7-day invoice processing cycle time. We have also now achieved about 55% touchless invoice processing within 4 months of the go-live of the VIM solution. Using VIM reports, we have a good visibility on the liabilities and bottlenecks, thus enabling the business and management to have better control over the whole process and faster decisions. With this solution Avaali has implemented standardized invoice processing rules across locations, thus enabling better governance of the end to end process

With this solution, we saw a reduction in our storage as well as system administration costs. We also saw process improvements in our transactional processes. We gained database space by archiving three years of data while retaining online access to archived data via SAP screens. Also there are no open transactions in SAP

We went live in just 3 1/2 months and the solution has resolved our issues by providing us a platform for automated and standardized invoice processing. Tata Sky’s accounts payable users are very happy using this solution and we have been able to gain a 70-percent increase in efficiency in our Shared Services Center.

“At Nayara Energy, we made a definitive move from fragmented, laborious, and time-consuming accounts payable process to implement SAP Vendor Invoice Management system. The platform not only helped us improve efficiencies, enhance productivity, simplify operations, and most importantly, helped in eliminating bottlenecks. The multi-level approval approach that this platform brings ensures more control on systems and significantly improves the cycle time. The smooth and successful implementation of the platform has resulted in achieving timely closure of books and appropriate governance and records management.”

After the implementation of OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP Solutions, we have much better control over our Accounts Payable process. Control & Visibility over open GI-IR has increased. Invoice processing is much more efficient. We’ve finally overcome the challenges of invoice copy retention, retrieval and cross-department sharing. We’re now well prepared to take the next leap and centralize Accounts Payable across the Group. Avaali as a partner with strong knowledge in this space has added immense value in the form of smooth implementation and support!

Velocious – Avaali’s unique offerings to significantly accelerate your time to adoption.

Velocious – Avaali’s unique offerings to significantly accelerate your time to adoption.


BCIC - Emerging
Star Award

Avaali Solutions was selected Winner in the maiden edition of the Emerging Stars Awards instituted by (BCIC).


World Leadership Congress – Business Leader of the Year 2021

Avaali Solutions was awarded the business leader of the year award for leveraging IT for business performance in the 19th global edition.


SAP ACE Awards

Award for Financial Excellence for transformation at Nayara Energy, India’s second largest single site refinery.


‘The Economic Times
Promising Brands

In continuation of Best Brand series by The Economic Times, Avaali was awarded ‘Promising Brands 2019-20′


Dun & Bradstreet – Leading SME of India 2020

Avaali is proud to be recognized by Dun & Bradstreet as the Leading SME’s of India, 2020 in their publication.


UIPath Emerging Partner of the Year 2020

Avaali Solutions have been recognized by UIPath as “Emerging Partner of the Year” in their maiden edition of Partner Excellence Awards, 2020.


SAP ACE Awards
winner 2018

Award for Financial Excellence for transformation at ReNew Power, India’s largest renewable energy company.


Economic Times Startup Awards 2018

Avaali Solutions selected as the top five finalist for the “Bootstrap Champ” award which is a part of the Economic Times Start-up Awards 2018


Business World Disruptors

Avaali recognized as one among the 20 organizations featured in the Business World Disruptors Award, 2017.


Globe Premium Awards

Avaali Solutions won the “Leading Premium Brand’ in the globe premium awards, 2017, for its enormous contribution in the “Digital Services Technology.”

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