At Avaali, we choose our partners very carefully so as to bring the best of solutions to our customers. We prefer to partner with a limited set of companies but once the partnership is in place, we really invest in the partnership in the form of building skill-sets, expertise and added value on top of the solution. Our approach to partnership is based on the following principles:


We work with our partners and customers completely aligning our business goals and objectives with theirs. We work hand in hand with them to ensure that what is committed is delivered. Our teams work closely with partner teams across the entire lifecycle from business plan sign off to its execution.


We invest in the building a highly qualified set of consultants with good experience around the partner solution. We also invest in training and enabling our people to provide high quality implementation to our customers. We’re very committed to expanding coverage for our partner solutions and invest smartly in business development and pipe building activities.


We are very hungry to deliver great quality work and build references for not only Avaali but also our partners. Our teams take pride in engaging closely with customers and ensuring successful implementations.



Avaali is Extended Business Member for SAP. We focus specifically on the Enterprise Information Management solution stack with this partnership. We work with SAP customers to integrate their unstructured content with their ERP and present visibility to the business of not only transactions but also related content.


Avaali is OpenText Select and SAP Competence Partner. We have rich experience  in implementing in a comprehensive set of OpenText solutions including Extended ECM, Vendor Invoice Management, Archiving and Document Access, Customer Experience Management, Digital Asset Management etc.


Avaali is Platinum Partner for ReadSoft. We can sell, implement and support ReadSoft solutions for large enterprises. Our consultants have experience in automated shared service centres using ReadSoft solutions for Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Master Data Management, FI etc.


AIIM was formed in 1943 and is a very reputed global community of information management professionals. AIIM provides market research, expert advise and skills development to an empowered community of leaders committed to information driven innovation.

Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere enables companies to operate with unprecedented productivity and efficiency by automating any part of the enterprise that can be automated, courtesy of the most intelligent and intuitive robotic process automation platform.

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