Your Challenges

Finance leaders today are focused on spearheading transformation initiatives, assessing the efficacy of financial functional strategies, enhancing finance metrics, insights, and storytelling capabilities, driving change management efforts, and optimizing costs.

Amidst these goals, finance heads encounter significant challenges. Effectively leading transformative changes within the financial landscape while evaluating and redesigning functional strategies remains a constant challenge. Additionally, refining finance metrics, storytelling for better insights, and leading change management initiatives pose inherent complexities.


The evolving landscape presents an opportunity for finance to drive business transformation, spurred by factors like information accessibility, dynamic regulatory requirements, cost pressures, and the digital revolution. CFOs are channeling efforts into fostering business growth, establishing continuous performance frameworks, and leveraging real-time data from various sources, including competitor and customer insights. The finance function’s evolution encompasses integrating non-traditional KPIs such as customer sentiment analysis and sales trends to detect early market shifts and seize opportunities. Technologies, including predictive and prescriptive analytics, aid in interpreting vast data for informed decision-making. Creating a connected enterprise with automated processes is a focus, transforming shared services towards efficiency, quality improvements, and elevating value-added activities.


The modern CFO serves as a strategic partner to the CEO, translating strategic vision into reality while showcasing strong finance leadership. Embracing new technologies, such as total process automation, efficient shared services, predictive analytics, and leveraging historical data for future performance forecasting, is pivotal for successful finance leadership.

Key Business solutions

With our world class, proven SSC solutions , your shared service organization is able to not only deliver superior customer services and experience but also significant reduction in the time and cost to process your finance operations.  Our solutions enable you to completely automate your shared service operations and deliver superior value to your internal customers.

Keeping your master data clean and up-do-date sounds simple but in reality several organizations are far from this goal. Low quality, error prone data and duplicate master records are a challenge for several organizations. With our solution, you can not only simplify and automate the process of creating / updating your master records but also automate workflows and generate better compliance management for your master data. 

Organizations that process massive amounts of travel expense reimbursement face multiple challenges given the huge manual nature of this activity. You are looking to reduce the transaction processing cost, gain control over travel expenses, ensuring 100% compliance with travel policy with minimal manual checks and have better transparency into the process. This solution integrates with your SAP Travel Management and similar expense management software to significantly bring down the administrative workload associated with travel expense accounting. 

Given the huge volume of data in your transactional systems, you have to constantly worry about:

  • Being incompliant by not having data and documents properly archived.
  • Losing valuable digital assets in a disaster.
  • Not being able to provide evidence in the case of litigation.
  • Slow processes due to heavy paper-based processes.

Our archiving solutions offer secure storage for documents and data, ensuring integrity and litigation readiness. Integrating documents with ERP transactions accelerates paper-based processes by up to 70%, enabling instant access from any location.

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