Leveraging Shared Services for C-Suite Alignment

Shared Service Centers (SSC) and Global Business Services (GBS) have traditionally aimed to enhance service quality and reduce costs. Today, C-Suite executives seek cost-cutting in technology, operations, and talent, turning to GBS for support.

  • GBS offers 20-40% cost reduction potential as maturity grows.
  • High maturity can lead to 3-5% higher return on equity.
  • Rigorous tech and service selection needed for better ROI.

GBS Transformation

  • Beyond Finance, HR, IT; SSCs now includes Procurement, Supply Chain, Legal, etc.
  • Next-gen GBS adopts governance for seamless, scalable operations.
  • Digital tech accelerates processes, enabling improved decisions.

Delivering Digital Transformation

  • Key 2023 GBS focus: digital transformation, value delivery, strategic partnership, customer experience.
  • 70% GBS organizations plan significant digital initiatives.
  • Some tech investments (11-44%) fall short of business expectations.

Avaali Solutions Advantage

  • Avaali cuts business process costs through digital solutions.
  • 150+ successful GBS transformations globally.
  • Avaali employs emerging tech (AP Automation, Content Management, RPA, IDP, etc.) to revolutionize processes.
  • Flagship product Velocious optimizes Sourcing, P2P, and auction processes.
  • Avaali’s services transform GBS/SSC processes, enhancing stakeholder engagement.