In the complex landscape of business finance, errors are not merely inconvenient; they represent significant risk and inefficiency.

  • We understand that traditional reconciliation processes can be a painstaking endeavour.
  • Inaccurate reconciliation can lead to significant financial risk and resource strain.
  • Particularly in the context of credit card and UPI payments, the challenges intensify due to T+1 or T+2 settlements.

Therefore, we’ve engineered AcuRec to transcend the ordinary, ensuring meticulous accuracy and robust financial governance for your enterprise.

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    Daily Reconciliation

    Acurec streamlines daily reconciliation tasks, accelerating the process and reducing manual errors, enabling finance teams to maintain up-to-date and accurate financial records efficiently.


    Acurec helps you achieve high levels of accuracy, often exceeding 99% and reducing errors such as data entry mistakes, mismatched transactions, and oversight of discrepancies.

    Swift Integration

    With cutting-edge cloud infrastructure, experience swift integration, operational within two weeks – a stark contrast to traditional, cumbersome implementations.

    Zero Possibility of Fraud

    Acurec can systematically cross-reference transaction data, identify irregularities, and trigger alerts for suspicious activities, enabling timely intervention and mitigation of fraudulent transactions.

    High element of Governance

    Acurec enables a standardized and auditable process, ensuring strict adherence to compliance rules.The system’s transparency, detailed audit trails, and customizable reporting contribute to a high level of governance oversight in financial operations.



    Acurec reads transactional data such as bank statements, credit card statements and UPI transactions and matches them with company ledgers.


    Seamless identification and exception handling, flagging transactions that require manual intervention for further investigation.


    With 20+ preconfigured rules, it systematically matches and reconciles payments, taking into account variables such as dates, amounts, and transaction codes.


    Solution automatically logs into SAP, accesses the general ledgers and downloads the accounting entries.


    Updates the accounting entries in SAP, marking them as reconciled, wherever applicable.


    Detailed reconciliation reports for review, highlighting matched transactions, discrepancies, and any unresolved issues.

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    For Indian Customers

    INR 9 lakh per year.

    International Customers

    Pricing for international customers varies by region. Please contact us at or 7892845707 for region-specific rates tailored to your business needs.

    For inquiries and support reach us or 8793099798


    What types of transactions does the automated reconciliation solution support?

    Our solution supports a wide range of transactions, including bank transfers, credit card transactions, and UPI payments, ensuring comprehensive reconciliation capabilities.

    How does the system handle multiple bank accounts and credit cards?

    Our solution is designed to seamlessly integrate and reconcile transactions from multiple bank accounts and credit cards, providing a consolidated and efficient reconciliation process.

    Is the system compatible with different banks and financial institutions?

    Yes, our solution is bank-agnostic and can integrate with various banks and financial institutions, offering flexibility and adaptability to your specific banking relationships.

    Can the system automatically detect and reconcile discrepancies or errors in transactions?

    Absolutely. The system employs advanced algorithms to automatically detect and reconcile discrepancies, minimizing the risk of errors and ensuring accuracy in financial records.

    How does the solution handle UPI payments, and is it compliant with UPI standards?

    Our solution is fully compliant with UPI standards and can efficiently handle UPI payments. It ensures that UPI transactions are accurately reconciled and recorded.

    What level of customization is available for reconciliation rules and criteria?

    You have the flexibility to customize reconciliation rules and criteria based on your specific business needs. This ensures that the solution aligns perfectly with your unique requirements.

    How secure is the system in handling sensitive financial data?

    Security is a top priority. Our solution employs robust encryption protocols and follows industry best practices to ensure the utmost security of your sensitive financial data.

    Can the system provide real-time reconciliation status and reports?

    Yes, the system offers real-time reconciliation status updates and provides comprehensive reports, allowing you to monitor financial activities and make informed decisions promptly.

    Is training and support provided for implementing and using the reconciliation solution?

    Yes, we offer training and ongoing support to ensure a smooth implementation process and assist you in optimizing the use of the reconciliation solution.

    What is the pricing model for the automated reconciliation solution?

    Our pricing is transparent, and we offer flexible plans based on your business needs. Please check our pricing section or contact us at for detailed information on pricing structures.


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