Your Challenges

As business users are increasingly getting mobile and would like ease in engaging with their stakeholders some of the key challenges being faced by CIO’s/ CDO’s include:

  • Driving organizational growth: As enterprises work in an increasingly competitive world, one of the key challenges for a CIO / CDO is to leverage the latest digital technologies to fuel business expansion and growth. Automating existing process is a thing of the past.Enterprises are fundamentally re-thinking their business models and stakeholder engagements using digital to innovate, grow and differentiate.

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  • Addressing Information Governance and IT security: Information is lying across the organization in legacy systems across various formats. Yet, such information may not be available to the right user when required, and what’s worse may be at risk of availability to unauthorized users. Employees are using their own mobile devices and the CIO needs to ensure you are adequately integrating and securing devices and data across the organization.
  • Dealing with an increasingly tech savvy workforce: In such a scenario, it becomes increasingly important for the CIO to ensure that you are provisioning the latest, best of breed, game changing solutions that deliver a competitive advantage for the enterprise and bring down the cycle time for your internal business and customer facing operations.
  • Maximizing returns from information asset: Businesses are increasingly generating data than ever before. CIOs are grappling with the growth of such information as you need to continuously identify the channels, filter and mine useful information to present to the business user on the device of their choice at the right time. The CIO also needs to ensure that you have effective records management process in place to retain information for the required duration and to ensure safe disposal.



Data is increasingly a huge area of focus for the enterprise. As it grows exponentially in the enterprise, both business and IT is increasingly concerned with not only security and governance related aspects but also to leverage this asset to run business processes with far more agility. In such a scenario, transformation opportunities can be broadly categorized in three main areas:[read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

  • Enabling processes get agile by fully automating structured and unstructured content and presenting information to business users when you need it and with ease.
  • Ensuring that that right users have access to the right content in the context of their process.
  • Ensuring appropriate governance and records management so that safe use, archival and disposition of the asset is taken care of.



A famous quote goes that the role of a CDO is to turn the digital cacophony to symphony. CDOs doing justice to this new function of convergence are experienced Informatics and Product Specialists. You are prepared for this challenging transformation mandate after gaining significant business experience across functions including Technology, Sales, Marketing and Business Operations. The new CDO evangelizes possibilities and creates the big picture using digital in concurrence with business heads. He / She then takes the leadership in executing that strategy by re-thinking through business processes and provides digital technologies that result in good cost-benefit in the mid to long term. The role itself encompasses aspects of innovation, brand integration, skill development, leading change management, technology evaluation and vendor management. The CIO is already playing several of these roles, while some could entail up-skilling – with say aspects relating to innovation or brand integration. Irrespective of title, it is imperative to have technology capabilities combined with strong understanding of business to get the digital job done well.

Key Business solutions

Solutions for Operational Processes:

Avaali supports enterprises in their shared service center strategy to execution process with the following set of services:

  •  Shared service center Strategy and Consulting.
  •  Recommending best of breed technology solutions that will automate and optimize key shared service center processes and make it more effective.
  •  Implementing best of breed solutions for shared service center.
  •  Providing on-going support for these solutions.

Enterprises are continuously looking for ways to cut down the cycle time for internal processes, bring down overall costs and serve their customers better. Avaali offers solutions  that completely automate your Finance Processes  (Procure to Pay, Order to Cash, FI-GL, MDM). We also offer solutions that enable agility into your processes such as R&D, Quality, Manufacturing, Distribution and HR . All solutions come with BI and dashboards as well as mobile integration.

With our solutions for your ERP / Applications archiving , you are able to reduce the TCO of your IT landscape but are also able to ensure that your legacy applications are decommissioned and the legacy data is securely retained compliant as per legal regulations.

With our solutions for Employee File Management , you are now able to support your HR organization effectively manage the complexity of retaining, deleting and retrieving hard and soft copies of documentation belonging to employee / contractor files.  This brings down your administrative costs significantly and improves compliance and control by ensuring your employee records are maintained as per regulatory requirements.

With Customer Experience Management  (CEM), enterprises can now establish a consistent and effective messaging, brand consistency and create a richer experience irrespective of the communication channel (website, mobile devices, social networks etc.), all in a self-service mode for a business user. CEM protects brand assets by ensuring delivery of assets to authorized users, ensures consistency in brand asset usage and protects intellectual property. With OpenText CEM, enterprises can optimize their marketing strategy and campaigns, manage their global brand and produce effective communication. 

By extending our core services through our rich partner eco-system, we can serve as your single source for putting together a solid mobile strategy, development / implementation of mobile applications, management and administration of your entire mobility environment. Specifically, our partnerships span the following categories: Mobile Device Management, Mobile Application Management, Mobile Content Management and Secure Collaboration.

At Avaali Enterprise Mobility, we’re passionate about the power of mobility to help transform businesses, enabling your internal and external stakeholders to deliver better business value.

We help enterprises develop a phased mobile strategy aligned with their business priorities.

Our advisory services includes:

  • Building your Mobile Strategy and Roadmap.
  • Position yourselves competitively to leverage the Mobility opportunity.
  • Leverage our framework and methodology to develop evaluation parameters & criteria for selecting mobile solutions aligned with your business goals.
  • Pilot roll out and road map for higher level technical requirements and project plan.
  • Prioritize investments in mobility to achieve best ROI.
  • Define governance mechanism for mobility projects through contextual services from mobile.

We have rich expertise in multiple platforms, devices and architectures to enable high performance customer delivery. With our development solutions we:

  • Mobile enable your product and services.
  • Reduce development time and cost.
  • Build enterprise-class apps.
  • Retain flexibility and independence.

Avaali’s Mobile Device Management (MDM ) feature set simplifies the way businesses address their mobility challenges. Avaali’s MDM provides intuitive inventory management, smart automation, comprehensive control and high reliability across the business mobility infrastructure.

  • Manage end user support of your entire mobility infrastructure and applications.
  • Establish dedicated call center to handle end use queries.
  • Reduce time to market for custom mobile applications through a variety of support models viz. UI-UX development, testing to data integration, security to deployment.
  • Technology decommissioning: we securely decommission end of life assets.
  • Monitor, Measure & Analyze mobile engagements.
  • Upgrade services: Devices, OS, application etc. we help you to upgrade with defined roadmap and strategy.

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