Your Challenges

Present-day Chief Information Officers (CIOs) seek collaborative leadership in co-leading, co-delivering, and co-governing strategies. Their focus extends to leveraging Generative AI, driving business strategies, spearheading digital transformations, harnessing cloud platforms, embracing automation, fortifying cybersecurity measures, managing data effectively, and enhancing customer experiences.

Yet, amidst these aspirations, challenges persist. Balancing co-leadership models while executing complex strategies poses a continual challenge. Navigating the dynamic landscape of Generative AI, cybersecurity threats, and the swift evolution of digital transformations further compound these priorities.


In the enterprise landscape, the burgeoning focus on data encompasses both security and governance while aiming to harness this asset for enhanced business agility. Transformation opportunities in this sphere revolve around three primary areas:

  • Streamlining structured and unstructured content enables efficient automation, providing timely and effortless access to information for business users.
  • Ensuring that authorized users can access pertinent content within the context of their workflows enhances operational efficiency.
  • Implementing proper governance measures and records management ensures the safe utilization, archiving, and disposal of this invaluable asset.


The Chief Digital Officer (CDO) orchestrates the transformation from digital chaos to harmony, leveraging expertise in Informatics, Product, and extensive cross-functional business experience. They champion the convergence of digital and business objectives, envisioning possibilities, and driving strategy execution by redefining processes and deploying cost-effective digital solutions. This multifaceted role encompasses innovation, brand integration, change management, technology assessment, and vendor relations. While some aspects overlap with the CIO’s responsibilities, successful digital leadership demands a blend of robust technological acumen and deep business understanding, regardless of title, emphasizing the pivotal role of technology combined with business acumen in achieving digital success.

Key Business solutions

Solutions for Operational Processes:

Avaali supports enterprises in their shared service center strategy to execution process with the following set of services:

  •  Shared service center Strategy and Consulting.
  •  Recommending best of breed technology solutions that will automate and optimize key shared service center processes and make it more effective.
  •  Implementing best of breed solutions for shared service center.
  •  Providing on-going support for these solutions.

Avaali provides comprehensive automation solutions for Finance (Procure to Pay, Order to Cash, FI-GL, MDM) and various operational processes (R&D, Quality, Manufacturing, Distribution, HR) enhancing agility and cost efficiency. Our offerings include BI, dashboards, and mobile integration. Additionally, our ERP/Application archiving solutions reduce TCO, ensuring secure legacy data retention, while our Employee File Management solutions streamline HR documentation, reducing administrative costs and enhancing compliance control.

With Customer Experience Management  (CEM), enterprises can now establish a consistent and effective messaging, brand consistency and create a richer experience irrespective of the communication channel (website, mobile devices, social networks etc.), all in a self-service mode for a business user. CEM protects brand assets by ensuring delivery of assets to authorized users, ensures consistency in brand asset usage and protects intellectual property. With OpenText CEM, enterprises can optimize their marketing strategy and campaigns, manage their global brand and produce effective communication. 

By extending our core services through our rich partner eco-system, we can serve as your single source for putting together a solid mobile strategy, development / implementation of mobile applications, management and administration of your entire mobility environment. Specifically, our partnerships span the following categories: Mobile Device Management, Mobile Application Management, Mobile Content Management and Secure Collaboration.

At Avaali Enterprise Mobility, we’re passionate about the power of mobility to help transform businesses, enabling your internal and external stakeholders to deliver better business value.

We help enterprises develop a phased mobile strategy aligned with their business priorities.

Our advisory services includes:

  • Building your Mobile Strategy and Roadmap.
  • Position yourselves competitively to leverage the Mobility opportunity.
  • Leverage our framework and methodology to develop evaluation parameters & criteria for selecting mobile solutions aligned with your business goals.
  • Pilot roll out and road map for higher level technical requirements and project plan.
  • Prioritize investments in mobility to achieve best ROI.
  • Define governance mechanism for mobility projects through contextual services from mobile.

We have rich expertise in multiple platforms, devices and architectures to enable high performance customer delivery. With our development solutions we:

  • Mobile enable your product and services.
  • Reduce development time and cost.
  • Build enterprise-class apps.
  • Retain flexibility and independence.

Avaali’s Mobile Device Management (MDM ) feature set simplifies the way businesses address their mobility challenges. Avaali’s MDM provides intuitive inventory management, smart automation, comprehensive control and high reliability across the business mobility infrastructure.

  • Manage end user support of your entire mobility infrastructure and applications.
  • Establish dedicated call center to handle end use queries.
  • Reduce time to market for custom mobile applications through a variety of support models viz. UI-UX development, testing to data integration, security to deployment.
  • Technology decommissioning: we securely decommission end of life assets.
  • Monitor, Measure & Analyze mobile engagements.
  • Upgrade services: Devices, OS, application etc. we help you to upgrade with defined roadmap and strategy.

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