The Story of Our Logo

“Ava” in Sanskrit means breath of life. Avaali is a variation of the term Ava. It represents a new life force, constant momentum and innovation in everything we do – right from our service offerings, to our way of delivering and engaging with customers and our ecosystem.

Avaali’s vision is to support enterprise customers run more profitably, reach newer geographies and markets and meet their customer engagement goals by leveraging digital. Just like the “”butterfly effect”, where one person taking one action reverberates and brings about huge impact throughout the world, we believe that well-structured, incremental changes in enterprises that are implemented in the context of consistent values and principles, can have the potential to bring about a massive competitive differentiation in an enterprise vs another in the same industry. Simply put, it means that simple actions yield large rewards. We work with our customers and partners to create this “butterfly effect” which over a period of time will yield significant business results for them.

Understanding the logo and its colors

The use of purple in the logo represents royalty, spirituality and sophistication while the use of red symbolizes professionalism and strength in our approach. Everything that we do is meant for only one ultimate purpose – to enable our customers to meet their business goals. We do this with commitment, passion and perfection. We differentiate by ensuring that we walk the talk, and ensure success in every project.

Butterflies are frequently associated with old things becoming new again. Being considered delicate, they are rarely referenced for their strength. However it is in fact exactly the opposite. Its existence is proof of the immense success it achieved after the difficult battle to emerge from the cocoon that encapsulates it while it matures. The butterfly in our logo represents our new and unique offerings, which supports organizations in their maturity cycle as they cut their shell of rigidity in their business process and adopt digital to get closer to both internal and external customers.

Further, a butterfly is also known for its contribution to its ecosystem by pollinating the flowering plants that desperately need this to survive. Pollination is representative of strong collaboration that is such an imperative part of growth. Avaali supports enterprise customers to better collaborate with their ecosystem and thus accelerate their growth.

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