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Managing human resources effectively is central to organizational efficiency and business growth in any industry. An important contributor to success across HR processes is the way employee files are managed in the context of the process and the stage in the employee lifecycle. Employee File Management solutions are designed from the ground up to address this problem, while being fully integrated to existing systems.


Digitized content from personnel files would assist HR departments in effective time management, eliminating tedious paper based administrator work so that more time can be spent pursuing strategic objectives. Working with paper documents is a particularly time & labour intensive activity. Locating the documents in folders and shelves, to sort and file the incoming paperwork, and cross-check the printed data with the electronic data in the ERP or HRM system (Eg. SAP – HCM) gets even more complicated when employee files have to be sent from one location to another in paper form, a time-consuming and error-prone process sometimes referred to as “paper tourism”. The inherent efficiencies that digital records provide are not the only opportunities to be considered. Success in Human Resource Management are driven by some key factors such as quality of employee engagement, timely resolution of employee issues, transparency in every interaction across the employee lifecycle and providing seamless employee experiences across application, on-boarding, payroll, performance, learning, separation and other HR functions. Digitization of employee information, information sharing and the ability to quickly search and find important employee information based on context and user, is very central to this success.


Digitization of Employee Files

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Digitized Employee records through scanning, OCR, mobile capture, real-time portal interactions etc. allows for paperless processes and the opportunity to deploy digital, system driven auditable workflows that will replace the old paradigm of paper pushing.

Organize, Manage, Search and View Employee Records

HR employees should get a clear overview of and access to all HR data and documents, in easy to use user interface. HR staff would be able to retrieve all the information they need without time-consuming searches. Regardless of whether it is master data, transaction data, or the original documents, a simple mouse click is all it takes to immediately display all employee information in a single view.

Simultaneous access from all locations

In a global or HR organization with presence in multiple locations, it is important for HR employees to have access to consistent personnel data and documents. The Employee File Management solution should have access control mechanism to all personnel files from anywhere in the world, preventing risky and time-consuming transfer of paper files from location to location. Solution should also allow role based authorization control mechanism to support access controlling.

Intuitive browsing and document upload

Employee file management solutions enable users to intuitively browse through documents, use quick views of the complete personnel file with easy and fast navigation, similar to going through a paper file. Easy methods for upload & download of documents for employees, HR representatives and Managers are provided out of the box. 

Self-service and shared-service scenarios

In a self-service scenario employees upload or download documents based on the permissions provided to them. HR representatives or Managers may also upload several documents for different employees in an efficient manner. Review or approval workflows are initiated within the solution to authorize certain actions and to provide enhanced security in a controlled environment. Controlled & easy Access points to the employee repository provides options for temporary access provisioning as well. Each employee can easily access his or her digital personnel file for a limited time period via the web. The system ensures that only the contents of a particular employee’s digital personnel file can be called up, and that the respective employee has the necessary permissions to see the documents. The solution is ideal for self-service scenarios, so that the employees in the HR department are relieved of time-wasting routine inquiries both from their colleagues and from management. In the case of an internal job application by the employee, for example, the potential future manager can be granted temporary access to the respective digital personnel file. This eliminates the need to copy and send complete Paper personnel files from location to location and ensures greater security, efficiency and flexibility. 

In addition to self-service scenarios, the EFM  supports streamlined processes in shared service centres for HR. Integration to leading ERP solutions enable faster processing of incoming employee and manager requests, because the digital employee file can be recalled instantly for referencing.


Deliver HR excellence while bringing down Enterprise Risks


Avaali helps organizations significantly improve productivity and meet regulatory requirements by ensuring full visibility into both data and content related elements of a business process. Our consultants have a deep understanding of best practices as a result of implementing Employee File Management solutions, with integration to ERP and other applications, for several global accounts. Avaali provides advisory services, implementation and support services to support the unique business process requirements of complex, global enterprises.

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