Your Challenges

The media industry is faced with unprecedented changes led by the proliferation of devices and rapidly growing amount of content via the internet. Consumers have a mounting appetite for content especially video on any device, anytime, anywhere. Digital technology such as social, file sharing, electronic books have completely changed business models.

Cycle times have shrunk and supply chains have got complex – the shorter the time taken to create manage and deliver digital media, the better the consumer uptake. Media assets are expensive to create and organizations want to be able to monetize these assets and maximize returns while at the same time bringing down cost of production of these assets. Also enterprises in this segment manage thousands of licensees across the globe and need a right solution to support the business.

Transformation Management

Enterprises are leveraging digital technologies to:

    • Access to global marketplace – Using digital distribution mechanisms, enterprises in this industry can now reach out to international markets quicker and cheaper.
    • Create new business models – Multi format, multi-platform distribution models allows you to monetize your content in newer ways.
    • Automate the lifecycle of the digital asset from its creation to its ultimate distribution and / or archive.
    • Automate finding, licensing and acquiring a digital asset.
    • Reduce operational costs of managing and distributing assets.
    • Tracking usage and rights.
    • Omni channel distribution – to intelligently push the right content in the right format across any device.

Critical Success Factors

To thrive in today’s environment, enterprises in this industry need both efficiency and innovation. Faster time to market of contextual information across devices is increasingly critical for the success of companies in this industry.  This not only requires bringing down the cost to create content but it is imperative to create consistently compelling experiences for the customer. Mastering a new set of skills and adopting technologies that helps you to accelerate your pace in this journey is imperative to keeping leadership position.

Key Business solutions

Your digital assets are in fact key components of your enterprise net worth and need to be managed effectively to monetize value. With this solution, your people can find, share, collaborate, and use digital assets anywhere, for richer, more effective communication in marketing, and throughout the extended enterprise. With this solution, you can enforce brand consistency and ensure that you bring down your cost of production as well as royalty / other licensing costs.

Your production environment, media management and digital distribution needs to be connected with each other with a system that not only allows you to track individual elements and whole projects across its lifecycle (from its creation, workflows, collaboration to its distribution). This solution supports you to fully manage your projects from creation to distribution and archival. All manual workflows and approvals are automated fully. It also allows you to distribute content across any channel or devices including cloud access to targeted media while securely protecting your digital asset.

Improve your time to market by giving your customers and stakeholders rich, personalized experiences. With this solution, you can deliver dynamic, targeted interactions across omni-channel touch points. You are also able to handle large volumes of traffic on your website via highly personalized online experiences and conduct transactions at the same time. This solution is built for high volume, transaction intensive global enterprises who want to tailor compelling web experiences for their customers.

Digital Media is currently scattered across the organization in multiple repositories and formats. Ripping and replacing existing repositories may not be a feasible solution. With this solution, your users can find assets they need irrespective of where they reside, to act on it as necessary. This solution includes preconfigured integrations to most common content repositories and file servers, bringing the various metadata identifiers into conformance which means that irrespective of what the original metadata says those who need the asset would be able to find it.

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