Accelerate your payment approval process in SAP. Ensure audit trails and integration with your SAP payment run using Avaali’s light weight, low-cost solution

Payment Approval Automation

Most large enterprises have a process to approve payments by the respective line of authority before a payment run is initiated in the ERP. Typically, this entails the preparer to create a note with relevant attachments and sending to the right signing authority for approvals. The approver then needs to check if expense is valid against cost center, verifying all the attachments and approving / rejecting with comments. The accounts payable team confirms that all requisite approvals are completed prior to completing the payment run. The approval process and payment run process must be tied, and payment runs should ideally be disabled unless approvals have been received.

Solutions Addressing Business Needs

Avaali’s Payment Approval solution completely automates your payment approval process. This is a light weight, low cost, simple and effective workflow based solution that is built on SAP. With this solution, you can now fully automate all your vendor payment approval processes and tie them to the payment run in SAP.

The solution in summary:

Preparer creates a payment approval in SAP
Workflow initiated and assigned to an Approver with an email Notification.
Supporting documents attached by preparer
Automated workflows. Multi-level approvals possible.
Approver will have a view access of the Payment Proposal with a click to view the linked documents / invoices
Approver approves / rejects
Workflow completed
Preparer cannot do Payment Run till Approver approves the proposal.

Solution Benefits

Reduced process cycle time by Workflow automation
Better control on process and improved governance
Reporting for Audit Trail & better Visibility
Fully integrated within SAP


Payment Approval Automation


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