Your Challenges

Enterprises are increasingly generating massive amounts of content. HR is certainly one of the most affected areas when it comes to content deluge in all kinds of formats – paper, recruiting materials, employee communications, total rewards, email, social media, portals and other formats.

While structured data is being managed by various transactional systems such as HRMS etc., HR executives are still struggling with a whole lot of unstructured content lying across the organization. [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

What’s worse is content containing employee information is confidential and could be potentially very harmful to the enterprise if it falls in the wrong hands.HR is constantly challenged to manage employee content (creating, versioning, updating, accessing and
Archiving) throughout an employee’s lifecycle. The HR department must do this by navigating all kinds of content from physical to digital. How well they do this has a direct impact to the HR’s team’s agility to respond to the overall business goals. The stakes are high for HR as they not only deal with volume and variety of content but also with ensuring that compliance / governance requirements relating to an employee are being adequately fulfilled. The management increasingly expects agility, transparency and quick turnaround time right, and the HR team needs to equip themselves to be able to deliver on this mandate.


Transformation Opportunities:

In the past, HR managed a long collection of filing cabinets. This has now evolved to a digital version where HR is now equipped with centralized content available at their fingertips when required. Improved management of these assets are also being used to help provide defenses as required by the legal / compliance team. [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]Centralized content minimizes inconsistent, erroneous data, while document audit trails and permission management features enhance content security.

The HR team is also a key stakeholder to ensure that the organization’s brand is being experienced in the right manner by employees. For instance when this is applied to say talent acquisition, the company’s image can be viewed via various channels including portals, videos, social, text chats, marketing materials etc. The HR organization is increasingly looking to automate the process of creating and consolidating such brand assets so that they are able to derive maximum value from it.

Content is big in recruiting and retention. The rules for employee privacy also varies from one country to another. By using a content strategy, not only costs of managing HR processes can be brought down significantly but also the enterprise can ensure hassle free alignment with regulatory requirements. Enterprises are looking to offer tools to ensure better collaboration between the workforce. Right from the on-boarding process to employee engagement, they’re deploying technologies such as portals, social workplaces etc. to facilitate better engagement. Automation of employee communications including newsletters with best of breed technologies ensures that clear, consistent and personalized communication is sent out to employees from time to time.[/read]

Critical Success factors

HR is a strategic business function and enterprises are increasingly realizing that together with good talent they also need the right technologies that can help them realize their goals. Continuing to do things in the way they were done about a few years back will only fetch sub-optimal results. High growth HR organizations will need to embrace change and take on strategic imperatives fast and more comfortably. In the new economy, creating a world class HR organization requires responsiveness, agility, transparency and innovation. The HR organization of today is increasingly looking to deploy technology to be seen as a strategic business partner.

Key Business solutions

The ECM solution  automates the process of creating, versioning, workflows, accessing and recording all employee related content.  This content can then be integrated to your HRMS / transaction data and provide complete visibility to the business. The ECM takes care of managing employee records / content based on regulatory and governance requirements such that they can be readily accessed in the course of a lawsuit / audit.  Retention rules can be clearly laid out to ensure that the document is not accidentally deleted or moved. The HR shared services can quickly handle employee queries and ensure a fast turnaround with this solution, thus ensuring minimal escalations and happier employees as well as managers. The shared services team can also publish content easily with security provisions to ensure that only the right users have access to the appropriate content. 

Employee Portals are becoming full featured to deliver to not only deliver content across channels and devices but also ensuring a tailored, contextualized experience on the web with social integration. Employees also have centralized, personalized access to reports and a real-time view of what’s happening across their part of the enterprise. This solution can be leveraged for on-boarding, talent sourcing and acquisition, and rewards. For more information please visit Web Experience Management

All rich media content including videos, audios, rich images, text documents etc. can be better managed and streamlined with a DAM solution. It can be of use also during the recruitment and induction / training cycle by providing centralized access to your marketing assets and collateral. The asset once created can be repurposed. Distribution of the asset can be streamlined with workflows including review and approval and delivery across distribution channels can be automated.  For more information please click DAM

All employee communications can be templatized and personalized via this solution. Clear and consider communication can be facilitated via this solution. These solutions are enriched with graphical charts and important messages from the company’s leadership. All this can be done without struggling or taking any help from a third party vendor. More information can be found at CCM.

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