Your Challenges

HR leaders are currently focusing on critical priorities that include leader and manager development, shaping organizational culture, enhancing HR technology, implementing change management strategies, and fostering career management with a keen eye on internal mobility.

However, amidst these priorities, HR faces noteworthy challenges. Developing leaders and managers while concurrently shaping organizational culture requires a delicate balance. The integration of advanced HR technology, effective change management, and promoting seamless career management with internal mobility present ongoing challenges.

Transformation Opportunities:

HR has transitioned from managing filing cabinets to centralized digital content, enhancing accessibility, and aiding legal/compliance teams. Centralized content reduces errors, backed by security features like audit trials and permission management.

Moreover, HR plays a vital role in shaping the organization’s brand experience for employees, especially in talent acquisition. Automating brand asset creation streamlines value extraction. Content significantly impacts recruitment and retention, where privacy regulations vary across countries. A content strategy not only cuts HR process costs but also ensures compliance alignment.

Enterprises are fostering workforce collaboration using tools like portals and social workplaces, from onboarding to engagement. Automation in employee communications through top-tier technologies ensures consistent and personalized messaging for employees.

Critical Success factors

Enterprises recognize HR as a strategic function, emphasizing the need for advanced technologies to achieve goals. Sticking to old methods yields subpar results. Dynamic HR teams must swiftly embrace change and strategic initiatives to excel. In today’s economy, a top-notch HR organization embodies responsiveness, agility, transparency, and innovation, leveraging technology to become a strategic business ally.

Key Business solutions

The ECM solution automates the entire employee content lifecycle, integrating it with HRMS data for comprehensive business visibility. It manages and secures employee records as per regulations, facilitating swift access during audits or legal proceedings. Retention rules prevent accidental deletion or movement of documents. This solution empowers HR shared services for speedy query resolution, minimizing escalations and fostering employee and manager satisfaction. Access to published content is restricted to authorized users, ensuring data security. 

Employee Portals are becoming full featured to deliver to not only deliver content across channels and devices but also ensuring a tailored, contextualized experience on the web with social integration. Employees also have centralized, personalized access to reports and a real-time view of what’s happening across their part of the enterprise. This solution can be leveraged for on-boarding, talent sourcing and acquisition, and rewards. For more information please visit Web Experience Management

All rich media content including videos, audios, rich images, text documents etc. can be better managed and streamlined with a DAM solution. It can be of use also during the recruitment and induction / training cycle by providing centralized access to your marketing assets and collateral. The asset once created can be repurposed. Distribution of the asset can be streamlined with workflows including review and approval and delivery across distribution channels can be automated.  For more information please click DAM

All employee communications can be templatized and personalized via this solution. Clear and consider communication can be facilitated via this solution. These solutions are enriched with graphical charts and important messages from the company’s leadership. All this can be done without struggling or taking any help from a third party vendor. More information can be found at CCM.

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