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Maximise returns from your Brand Assets

Shareholder value has seen quite a shift, from merely valuing tangible book value to including the value of intangibles such as brand assets. This is now more clearly reflected in the value of a company’s stock as well as the value of a company derived during mergers and acquisitions.

The attention of a company’s management to brand assets has therefore significantly increased as well. The value of the brand is a direct indicator as well as an influencer of the choice of a customer, investor, employee and the ecosystem around the brand. What’s making this increasingly complex, is that these ecosystem players are today increasingly influenced by online experiences. Therefore the cycle time to reach them has not only reduced significantly but is also in some way a critical measure of success for the brand itself.

Brand assets are extremely expensive to produce and hence need to be leveraged effectively across a larger number of audiences, while ensuring effective asset re-use.

Brand Asset Management enables organizations to do that. Not only does it enable effective asset re-use, but also –

  • Reduces production cost and maintenance cost for an asset
  • Enables new revenue streams by best leveraging an existing asset
  • Ensures that assets are governed appropriately and only available to users on role based need
  • Enables the business to get an insight into the usage pattern of an asset together with several useful reports

Avaali supports enterprise customers best leverage and maximize use of their brand assets. Avaali is a specialist in the area of Enterprise Information Management and supports enterprises manage the lifecycle of their unstructured and structured content.