Process large amounts of travel settlements with agility and precision. Our Travel Expense Management solution allows you to reduce cost and deliver your SLA’s with zero hassle.


The complexities related to maintaining, reviewing, approving and processing paper receipts are a cumbersome aspect of expense reporting. Finance departments need to locate receipts in folders and file cabinets, sort and file incoming paperwork, cross-check printed data with electronic data in the business systems. Employees have to keep track of receipts all the way when on the road, then manually input the data when back in the office. These processes get even more complicated when receipts have to be sent from one office to another. Multiple copies of the original document are stored throughout the process, often including critical comments on the copy instead of the original. In short, the result of these inefficient, time-consuming, and error-prone processes is higher costs.  Travel Receipts Management solutions take the sting out of these tasks. The solutions are typically integrated with backend systems such as SAP ERP or SAP Travel Management to reduce the administrative workload associated with the handling of travel receipts outside of the travel expense accounting process. Self-service access and intuitive functionality speed the entry and processing of expense reports. The software streamlines accounting and reimbursement processes to help save significant time and money.


Integrate travel receipts into travel management processes,

  • Managing paper archives, reducing the cost incurred in arranging the paper archives.
  • Manual process is time consuming & error prone.
  • Maintaining & Improving employee satisfaction through rapid reimbursements.
  • Support decisions through data transparency and insight.
  • Enforcing consistency with compliance & travel guidelines.


Receipt Capture

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Use multiple inbound channels including e-mail, scanning, bar codes, fax, mobile device, and mass import to capture receipts from employees from anywhere, any device.

Self-service interface

Speed the capture, management, and assignment of travel receipts to the relevant control flow for further processing.

Document archiving

Archive receipts securely according to legal regulations and ensure archive access to enable further processing.

Audit functionality

Gain immediate visibility of source documents related to expense reporting.Receipt management – Upload electronic receipts to the ERP application, attach at the header of expense reports or at the line-item level, and assign to a specific trip.

Tighter control of expenses

Integrating receipts and increasing transparency of the overall travel management process helps control expenses in a more structured way.

Simplified auditing

Simplified auditing by providing access to original receipts electronically, accelerate reconciliation, get a better insight to travel costs.

Fraud prevention

Enhanced approval criteria and audit capabilities to regulate and control for repeated claims / payments. 

Decreased storage costs

Decrease storage costs by replacing paper receipts with e-receipts, archives for efficient and organized storage and retrieval process.

Faster reimbursement

This is achieved through process standardization, compliant and automated claims process. Travel Receipts Management solutions are scalable and flexible to maintain global standards and compliant processes, with multilingual & multicurrency support.


Reduce Travel Costs And Improve Governance With Travel Receipts Management


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