We help you transform your business processes, deliver superior customer experience and execute new business models with Digital.


Businesses are increasingly getting digital as people and things connect and transact intelligently in completely newer ways. Avaali supports enterprise customers to not only build new business models using digital but also execute their digital strategy and vision with the support of digital tools and technologies. Our spectrum of services not only helps you in putting together intelligent internal business processes, but also helps you engage with your customers in completely newer ways and create a great customer experience.



Monetizing Information Assets


Avaali is unique in the sense that we only support upper mid to large enterprises to leverage digital to create and execute new business models. We do this and nothing else. We work closely with your CMO organization to help you to build great customer experience and engagement. We work with your internal operational process heads to help you drive agility in your business process with the help of digital. We offer comprehensive services across its life cycle right from consulting, to technology identification, implementation and support to change management and measuring the ROI. This ensures that we walk the talk and help you realize the value from your investments in digital.


Digital is disrupting businesses in several unexpected ways. Stakeholders across the business including employees, vendors, customers, partners, shareholders want to engage in completely newer ways by leveraging digital.  Businesses are visualizing innovative opportunities using digital. How they envision and leverage these opportunities is going to become fundamental for them to win in the new era. This is going to drive their competitiveness and leadership. In addition, the sheer efficiency and speed of operations will reach a completely new level with the support of digital.

This means much more than merely applying newer technologies to existing business processes to make them more efficient.  Digital is typically not led by any one function. Cross-functional teams need to come together to execute the digital vision. Change management needs to be handled with care to ensure that investments being made in this transition are fully adopted by business teams. In order to make this vision a reality, business teams need to be equal stakeholders and see a win in it for them. Technologies need to be chosen carefully such that they tie in with the overall vision of phase wise execution. Implementation of technologies needs to be done intelligently to ensure optimal return on investments. Measuring results from these investments needs to be done meticulously to close the loop and provide feedback to stakeholders on the success of these initiatives.


Consulting Services - Creating the case

Avaali offers consulting services to help you to identify opportunities for your business that not only includes adding digital as another layer to your existing business, but also to create new business models or accelerating your expansion to newer geographies and markets using digital.

We help you define your Digital Strategy linked with business goals / priorities for your stakeholder and internal process. We also recommend the best digital channels that you could leverage, identify areas of improvement and analyze and present ROI on your digital initiatives

Integrated Technology Solutions

Given that Avaali is a specialist in this area (we do nothing else), we have a good understanding of most of the best of breed solutions in this space. We recommend a combination of technologies that best aligns with the strategy. We also evaluate vendors and help you decide on the best fit. Further we arrive at the scope and deliverables and provide you a blueprint that you can take to your internal stakeholders and translate to your vendors.

Change Management

Change management is probably the most critical success factor – no amount of sound strategy and quality in implementation is good if there is lack of adequate adoption. Avaali acts like an extended arm to your internal teams. We help you put together a right communication plan and ensure the right messaging. Further, we help you create a reward plan and support in identifying and creating the most relevant incentive structure to ensure adoption.

Technology Implementation

The way we differentiate ourselves is that we not only recommend and help you decide the best solution, but also walk the talk in terms of its execution. Given that our consultants have rich implementation experience on most of the best of breed solutions, we’re able to lead you in its successful implementation and on-going support.

Validate / Report Performance

Avaali helps you close the loop to identify the returns from such investments. We help you identify and report the results from such initiatives vs. goals originally envisaged.  We also support in putting together improvement plans as required for existing initiatives as well as taking these learnings as you embark on newer initatives.

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