Data Archiving

Explosive data growth in SAP systems causes deterioration of application performance and user productivity, high costs due to large tier-1 Enterprise Storage volumes with high redundancy as well as high administration costs due to long backup and maintenance windows. Furthermore, large databases cause longer system downtimes during upgrades and restorations, resulting in loss of business.

Simply deleting this data is often not a valid option, due to legal data retention requirements. The best and most viable solution is Data Archiving. Data Archiving is the process of moving infrequently accessed data from closed business processes, from high cost Database storage to low cost Archive storage, retaining real-time access from SAP screens.

Data Archiving, in general means moving huge volumes of the data that is no longer required in the database to some file system or any third party storage system. It is a functionality provided within SAP applications for the consistent removal of data objects from database tables of the SAP database, where all table entries that characterize a data object are written to an archive file outside the database.

Benefits of DATA Archiving

  • Reduces cost of infrastructure (storage, memory and computing)
  • Reduces administration costs
  • Ensures cost efficient system upgrades and migrations
  • Improved SAP Application performance


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