Janus Source to Pay User Group

What is Janus

P2P user group led by enterprise customers, conceptualized and hosted by Avaali

Drive adoption, engagement and innovations in the P2P arena

Comprises of a Board represented by senior enterprise executives across several industries / geographies

User Group Objectives

Knowledge Sharing

  • Rich resource of knowledge on innovations taking place worldwide in the S2P Domain
  • Knowledge sharing on good practices being adopted by Avaali’s customers
  • Information sharing among customers

OEM Strategic Partnership

  • Outlook on product and solution roadmaps, next versions etc.
  • Involvement of OEMs to discuss any pricing/licensing structure changes

Feedback Mechanism

  • Channel for user concerns and feedback on the product/solution.
  • Continuous feedback and joint interactions to fuel back improvements


  • Catering of any additional localization requirements based on geographies


  • Learn about new trends and technologies in the S2P domain in the form of snippets, articles, webinars etc.
  • Actively share S2P knowledge and experience
  • Communication from OEM/Solution Providers


  • Great way to connect with Board Members and user group members from other big organizations who share common interests
  • Platform to share your challenges and get them resolved by other community members
  • Start surveys and asks questions on any S2P topic

Upcoming Info Sessions

25th August

How to Integrate Your P2P Process into Shared Model

Shared Service Organizations are increasingly expected to provide higher values at lower cost. Learn about the good practices in integrating P2P process into shared services model from guest speaker Vijay Samuel, Global Director Twilio Technologies.

27th August

Good Practices on Source to Pay Digital Transformation

Learn about the best digitally mature procurement organizations and key steps to digital maturity. Explore good practices on source to pay digital transformation with guest speaker Alkane Patel, CIO, BIDCO Africa.