Tata Projects’ Best in Class Accounts Payable Process, Empowered by Avaali

Challenges and Opportunities 
  • Reducing Touchpoints: Streamlining the invoice processing workflow by minimizing steps and approvals, contributes to faster processing times while maintaining thorough verification and quality control.
  • Volume Management: Efficiently handling a substantial volume of invoices (400,000 per year) to support robust capacity and resilient large-scale operations.
  • Process Diversity: Tailoring operations to meet the specific needs and circumstances of diverse departmental processes, ensuring adaptability and a comprehensive approach.
  • System Integration: Overcoming integration challenges to achieve seamless and cohesive system operations, enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Operational Transparency: Opportunity to improve visibility into invoice status and accounts payable operations, aiming to enhance monitoring and informed decision-making.
Value-Driven Results
  • Significant reduction in manual data entry, with decrease in invoice processing touch points.
  • Transitioning from Oracle to a greenfield comprehensive ERP solution with SAP S/4 RISE.
  • Seamless processing of 4 Lakh invoices per year with centralized dashboards and Fiori screens for optimal user interface experience.
  • Enhanced visibility with 360-degree view of the AP operations.
  • Harmonization of diverse processes on a unified platform.
Why Avaali?
  • Avaali is a preferred partner for large enterprises worldwide in transforming Procure-to-Pay processes, thanks to its deep expertise and proven track record in executing over 200+ automation projects.