Manipal Hospitals, one of India’s largest multi-specialty hospital chains, adopts RPA (Robotic process automation) to automate its Finance & Accounting processes


Manipal Hospitals leverages RPA solution to automate their Bank reconciliation and cash application processes to reduce manual efforts, associated costs and to improve efficiency.

Manipal Health was facing challenge around its bank reconciliation process as it was a monthly activity with manual process. Manipal wanted to move to daily recon frequency to have better control on banking transactions but it was requiring dedicated manpower at each unit. Another challenge, which Manipal was facing, was around accounts receivable settlement in Books. The existing process of cash application (invoice wise allocation of collection in Hospital system) was manual in nature and was consuming considerable time and efforts.

Implementation of RPA solution

Manipal Hospitals chose to go with RPA solution for above challenges. The implementation team conducted detailed workshops with key stakeholders from Manipal Hospitals to understand the current system and business processes, their pain points, their requirements, and the roadmap. The workshops also covered all aspects of the proposed solution in detail to help Manipal appreciate how they could leverage the UI Path Solution for faster cash application process and gain higher efficiency in their bank reconciliation process. The implementation was completed in around 5 months. Avaali helped Manipal Hospitals to better perform the complicated and time-consuming cash application and bank reconciliation processes.