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Internet Of Things

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In Machine to Machine (M2M), also known as internet of things (IoT) every object can be potentially be a smart object which has its own identity and which can communicate directly or via a gateway. Which means you can search them, identify them, read them and in some case write as well, to accomplish a set of events for operational efficiency. IoT in simple terms is automation of business process whereby machines are interacting with each other without any human intervention.

IoT has basically four layers:

  • Devices and sensors – There are various types of devices and sensors and selection depends on the specific requirement and use case. They are deployed in the field to capture data.
  • Communication network – This is basically a data channel that acts like a road for data to travel. It can be 2G, 3G, 4G, GSM, CDMA, wifi, ILL, MPLS even satellite, and once again depending upon the specific requirement, the most appropriate communication route should be selected.
  • Middleware or IoT platform – With a growing need for complex event processing and in order to leverage multiple deployment areas, theIoT platform is an important and integral part of the overall solution.IoT platform has many other modules like diagnostics, rule engine, device management and application management amongst others.
  • Application layer- This is what generally customers see more often. Various reports and analytics can be built on top for interesting insights and to enable decision making.

It is interesting to note that all these layers can come from different vendors and may have varying protocols which make the IoT a complex marketplace. Avaali has strong skill sets in IoT. The Avaali IoT solution suite comes pre-configured for quick deployment while at the same time, has options to customize to tailor make your solution as per your unique needs. Avaali brings together the right set of partners to deliver IoT business solutions as per your requirements. At Avaali, we’re passionate about the power of IoT to help transform businesses, enabling your organization to deliver more value to organisation, partners, and your customers.


Location Based Solutions

Avaali provides the following Location Based Solutions (LBS)

Fleet / Logistics Management:

  • Vehicle allocation
  • Real time tracking of vehicles
  • Speed & fuel monitoring
  • ERP integration
  • Alerts and Analytics

BPO Cab Management:

  • Solutions focused on female employee safety
  • Speed & fuel monitoring
  • Attendance system integration
  • Trip allocation and management

Workforce tracking:

  • Real time tracking
  • Historical tracking
  • Beat draw
  • Geo-fences and alerts
  • Alerts and analytics

Asset Tracking:

  • Remote static asset tracking
  • Tracking of movable asset
  • Alerts and analytics

Waste disposable:

  • Garbage bin mapping
  • Bin wise collection status
  • Vehicle tracing
  • Alerts for deviation
  • Notifications from citizens

Pay as you drive:

  • Tracking of vehicle insurance
  • Insurance premium based on driving pattern

Remote Asset Management

Remote asset management could be used in multiple ways. Avaali provides the following solutions for Remote Asset Management:
  • Vending machine management
  • Digital Signage
  • Wind turbine monitoring
  • ATM facility management
  • Cell tower management
  • Construction site asset monitoring
  • Container tracking

Managed Services

We take end-to-end ownership with our highly skilled Managed Service team. Our Managed Services team:

  • Manages end user support of your entire IoT infrastructure and applications.
  • Provides a dedicated call center to handle end use queries.
  • Support in Technology decommissioning: we securely decommission end of life assets.
  • Monitors, Measures & Analyzes IoT engagements.


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