About AIIM

AIIM was established as the Microfiche association in 1943 and for 75 plus years, this leading industry intermediary has assisted organisations in managing their information assets.

AIIM continues to serve a thriving and diverse community of information management practitioners through market research, expert advice, and skills development.

With over 80 000 professional members in 146 countries worldwide, AIIM is the community for and by Information Professionals that provides education, research, and best practices on information management and collaboration to help organizations find, control and manging information.

AIIM ‘s mission is to help organisations survive and thrive in the era of Information Chaos by solving these 4 key business problems:

  • How do we manage the risk of growing volumes of content?
  • How do we automate our content-intensive business processes?
  • How do we use content to better engage and collaborate?
  • How do we gain business insight from all of this information? –

Like Avaali Solutions, AIIM believes that information is our most important asset and that information deserves proper management processes and technologies throughout its lifecycle like the way that organisations manage people and financial assets. focused on the intersection of people, processes, and information.

Avaali Solutions is an official training partner of AIIM and our association with AIIM is focused on helping organizations put information to work, to prevent information chaos and to identify opportunities in this era of constant and disruptive change.