Automated Tools and Methodologies for a seamless Content Migration Experience.

Velocious Migration Tool

The landscape of IT systems is changing every day and the way businesses work is also changing. The workforce needs to be able to access and work with documents using up-to-date technologies that enable them to work most effectively. Physical storage and legacy IT systems may have reached the end of their useful life or are no longer suitable for the way the business needs to work. As a result, many organisations find themselves having to change the location and nature of their document archives. Content migration projects are relevant for companies that are looking forward to moving their organizational data and content from one application to another. Maintenance overheads of existing traditional systems and the evolution of next generation technologies, along with their impact on consumer services, presents a strong need for organizations to align their business policies with modern-day technologies.


Planning for a migration project is a challenging task and the risks involved are high. Cleansing, transforming, and loading data into a new application can seem like a daunting task. If not done correctly, can cause a myriad of issues, including:

  • Extended or unexpected downtime
  • Data corruption, missing data or data loss
  • Poor user adoption of the new or upgraded system
  • Application performance issues
  • Technical compatibility issues

Solution Overview

Avaali’s Migration Tool is a perfect tool for migration solution for migrating content from one system (File Share) to another (for e.g. OpenText Content Server) that supports data growth while also consolidating and eliminating older, more expensive storage subsystems.

Content Clean-up Reporting Tool

Business users will have the complete details of all the duplicate documents, 0 kb files, MIME types with a number of document.

CIS Model setup and Content Migration

Migration of Content, Folder structure setup, Metadata setup, Permission Model setup.

RM Setup

Create RM Classifications and RSI’s in Bulk.

Downloading of Content

Avaali Migration tool supports bulk download from Content Server to File share.

Reconciliation Report

Reconciliation reporting tool will reconcile all the content with Source system and notify for all the discrepancy errors.


Master Data Maintenance

The Avaali Advantages

Avaali helps organizations significantly improve productivity and meet regulatory requirements by ensuring full visibility into both data and content related elements of a business process. Our consultants have a deep understanding of best practices as a result of implementing Enterprise Content Management solutions, with integration to ERP and other applications, for several global accounts. Avaali provides advisory services, implementation and support services to support the unique business process requirements of complex, global enterprises.

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