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Enquiry Management Mobility solutions

Managing customer enquiries and taking this to a logical end is a big challenge especially if the enquiry comes via multiple channels. Addressing queries on a real time basis with completeness is very much limited either due to lack of connected view or system mobility limitations.

Enterprise mobility extends enquiries form right on the palm of your employees, integrating with prospects and customers, while capturing all details on a real time and helping to build an informed response.

Current challenges in managing enquiry

  • Inability to capture complete lead information such as contact details, source of enquiry, products enquired etc
  • Lack of complete insights into the customer for follow-up
  • High administration time
  • Unstructured reports – client wise or employee wise
  • No backup and restoration facility to your data
  • Cumbersome process for enquiry capture, lead distribution to sales and then track follow up
  • Non real time view of enquiry status – open, closed or cancelled

These challenges result in not being able to manage enquiries effectively eventually leading to loss of sales. After all, customer leads are short lived – if not handled in time, could lead to losing customers to competition.

In today’s internet, social and mobile era, customer do self-research and demand enterprises to be more personalized and take swift actions. Today product and service alone doesn’t determines a sale but customers also evaluate an enterprise’s based on their willingness and ability to sell beyond regular and timely follow-ups. This needs to be instilled as an organizational process and should not be people dependant.


Avaali enquiry management mobility solution address all the challenges listed above at the same time allows enterprise configure forms to best suit their requirement from time to time without any coding.

Following are the components of the solution:

Form builder – it allows enterprise to design form and place various data point.

Application platform – it allows to configure application, defined data source, workflow. Most of these functionalities can be enabled by a simple drag and drop. With this platform you can test your release in sandbox before exposing to the world and also build quality check and approval mechanisms. Platform also allows once to integrated inbuilt location component based on the user requirement.

SaaS enabled portal – here based on the roles user can view reports and conduct follow ups etc.

Admin module – all admin related work like application assignment, user configuration, report enablement etc are done here.


In a fast changing business landscape, organizations need to respond with agility to their customer requirements. Today’s customer expect a matured enquiry desk and connecting context to an enquiry in real time is key. Avaali supports enterprises to manage customer enquiries in an automated manner via our enquiry management solution.

Avaali has a rich experience in Enterprise Mobility. Our advisory services engagement enables Enterprises define complete roadmap and strategy for mobility keeping in mind the business objective and challenges associated.