Robust pen pushers

Do suited desk workers ever sport biceps and triceps? Not that those are the best or only measurement of fitness, but it is hard to imagine it, isn’t it? The fitness image of a loyal 9 to 5 pen pusher has slowly, but surely declined over the years and has come to be synonymous with […]

WhatsApp case reveals India’s need for law to protect data privacy

India needs new data privacy laws, experts say, as a court case with WhatsApp has brought the issue into sharp focus. WhatsApp last month revised its privacy policy to allow the Facebook-owned messaging app to share data with Facebook and permit targeted adverts. Two students filed a public litigation in the Delhi High Court to […]

Survival of the fittest as India telcos battle over new oil

“An effect that Reliance Jio has had is to hasten the consolidation in the market in order to compete with Jio,” says Mr Mathews. “Reliance Jio’s 4G network has been a differentiator but this is quickly being matched by competitors. Revenue growth is expected to be subdued but not materially altered as data usage by […]

5 Ways How Technology Can Encourage the SME Sector

The SME segment plays a very crucial role in the socio-economic growth story of the country The SME sector is the backbone of India’s growth contributing to 45% of manufacturing output, 40% of total exports and targeted to contribute to 20% of India’s GDP by 2020. Backed by the government via the Digital India initiative, […]

Avaali Solutions – Enables Enterprises to Drive and Deliver Business Results by Leveraging Digital Technologies

Avaali is a completely boot strapped organization which is now also zero debt and extremely profitable. Unlike startups in e-commerce, we’re not only focused on revenues but also on profitability. Avaali was incorporated in late 2012 and started operations in January 2013. The company was founded by Srividya Kannan who comes with well-rounded experience in […]

The Next Generation Shared Services Organization

Shared services (SSC’s) has been in existence since the 1980’s. They have demonstrated cost efficiencies, productivity improvements and enhanced effectiveness for organizations for quite some time now. However over the last few years, the whole concept of shared services is undergoing a re-think in most organizations. Today’s enterprises are looking to leverage shared services in […]

Indian IT targets Arabian Gulf

MUMBAI // Bangalore is buzzing with activity; billboards for new luxury apartments are visible across the city, the roads are constantly lined with traffic, and well-educated workers flock to the city’s modern offices. All this has been driven by the booming IT sector, which has made it the industry hub. But the picture is not […]

Avaali relies on tech for business solutions published in News Today

Chennai: In this competitive market, it is tough for a startup to establish itself and stand the test of time, so to say. ‘Avaali Solutions’ that ofers consulting services is one such example. Its founder Srividya Kannan speaks to ‘News Today’. Q: What is Avaali Solutions all about? A: Avaali is a consulting and professional […]

Driving Enterprise Performance by Structuring the Unstructured

In today’s dynamic world, agility and stability are no longer mutually exclusive. The word most apt to describe the way enterprises need to run is “agile”. In order to stay relevant, enterprises need to move fast and be capable of responding to challenges and opportunities in a speedy way. This means that business processes need […]