Current Situation

Cumbersome to login to multiple apps: Approvers need to manually login to SAP GUI or Fiori to review the relevant data, and attachment and then approve/reject the workflow. One needs to log in to either SAP GUI or Fiori which is time-consuming and cumbersome for some who are not used to the screens of SAP GUI or Fiori.

All approvers are not SAP users: There are several scenarios in OpenText Vendor Invoice Management that calls for approvals. Users who need to approve may not always be SAP / Fiori users.

Access to SAP GUI: In some cases, people who are always on the move might not have access to SAP GUI or Fiori on the go (like VPN).

Proposed Solution

VIM Offline Approval solution helps in approving the invoices through email and has numerous advantages:

The solution will help in the following ways:

  • Quick approval process via mailbox – approval on the go.
  • User Friendly Interface – no training required. Easy to use Approve / Reject buttons along with comments as part of the email body.
  • Access to the right information – invoice data and supporting attachments.
  • Quick access to the previous history of approvals and comments.
  • Complete approval audit trail over email
  • Cost effective – Any user can be part of the invoice approval cycle even without an SAP user ID/Fiori infrastructure.


  • The solution helped GMR integrate all the relevant stakeholders into the approval hierarchy
  • 70% reduction in approval cycle time with approval workflow becoming more streamlined and exhaustive as a
    result of the solution implementation.

  • The solution also helped customer to avoid any manual physical paper-based approval mechanism which was
    widely followed in the organization.

  • Any new approver joining the organization now doesn’t need any extensive training on using VIM solution for
    invoice approval.

  • The solution enables access to the right information – invoice data and supporting attachments and quick
    access to previous history of approvals and comments.


Avaali’s Unique Velocious Source to Pay Platform Solution


Avaali is uniquely positioned to deliver this Velocious Source to Pay Platform as we have experience of working with over 100+ large enterprises to automate various shared service and procurement processes. Our functional knowledge coupled with deep technical expertise in various emerging technologies has been incorporated into this product. With our rich functional understanding and numerous experiences, our solution offers a very practical and cost-effective way of engaging with suppliers.

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