Current Situation

Manual cumbersome process: Manual process and people dependent to execute the process. For all received services, user must post the Service Entry Sheet manually using Transaction ML81N in SAP.

Long Cycle times: Every SES goes through Release Strategy in SAP wherein review / approvals happen. Manual follow ups with the Approvers to release the SES Long cycle time as the Invoice Processing can start only after ML81N process is completed.

Lack of accuracy and visibility: Upon approval, data has to be entered manually into VIM for the invoice process to proceed further, where the data entered can be erroneous and leads lack of accuracy. As multiple approvals are involved, there is lack of visibility into the process especially in the failure scenarios and also there are no audit trails.

Proposed Solution

Automated SES creation has numerous advantages:

The solution will help in the following ways:

  • Completely automated process of creating SES without any manual intervention.
  • Inception to Invoice Posting for Service PO can happen completely within OpenText VIM.
  • Job can be scheduled as per Business need to pick the documents waiting for SES creation.
  • Automatic creation supports Multiple PO – Multiple Line Items.
  • Automatic updating of the status once the SES is created in SAP and VIM.
  • Error Log is updated if the SES is not posted, and workflows are sent to the respective user for correction.
  • Complete audit trail as part of VIM


  • With the Automatic SES creation, Accounts Payable team at Advanz now saves huge amount of time
    creating SES through VIM.

  • 70% faster turnaround time for service-based invoices
  • Superior accessibility with a single view of the whole process from SES creation to SES approval
  • Increased visibility of the error log for failure scenarios of SES due to any missing config on the SAP side
  • Additionally, replacing the SES release strategy with Standard VIM Invoice Amount Approval gives
    better control of Invoice Processing.

  • 50% reduction in process cycle time as a result of supporting multiple POs and multiple line items


Avaali’s Unique Velocious Source to Pay Platform Solution


Avaali is uniquely positioned to deliver this Velocious Source to Pay Platform as we have experience of working with over 100+ large enterprises to automate various shared service and procurement processes. Our functional knowledge coupled with deep technical expertise in various emerging technologies has been incorporated into this product. With our rich functional understanding and numerous experiences, our solution offers a very practical and cost-effective way of engaging with suppliers.

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