Avaali International Women’s Day – Panel Discussion Replay

The Avaali team celebrated International Women’s Day with much fanfare. A very interesting panel discussion today with esteemed panelists including Pratima Ram, Kshama Pradhan, Gayanika Gunasekera, and Ian Faria together with Srividya Kannan discussing important topics such as gender equality, diversity and inclusion, and woman leadership.

Key Takeaways from the session:

  • Women have started making a positive impact even in traditionally male-dominated industries like manufacturing, aviation, etc. and these sectors have also started opening up more and more avenues for women. The tech segment is certainly seeing better participation from women. However, we still have a long way to go toward achieving equality in the workplace. The divide becomes even more prevalent at the top where the majority of C-suite positions are held by men.
  • Women have certain inherent traits including empathy and team management that could be big differentiators as leadership qualities in the workplace.
  • Gender diversity is not just a nice-to-have quick fix for promoting your brand, rather when done well, this could be the key to sustainable, profitable growth for enterprises.
  • Every woman should recognize her strengths and relentlessly pursue her passion. Men need to be mentored to see the win in working together as equals to bring down the gender gap.