SAP Data Archiving

Customer Profile:

  • Founded in 1892, listed among the leading FMCGs in India
  • Location: Bangalore
  • Revenues over ?46 billion
  • Over 180 Manufacturing plants & 2000 stores across the globe

Challenges & Opportunities:

  • Flourishing Business continuity and growth in consumer base contributed to large SAP Database, decreasing the overall business system performance.
  • Compliant archiving strategy with regulations for managing data and supervising employee communication.
  • Reducing the data footprint by leveraging single-instancing and de-duplication and Increase IT efficiency with reduced data size and increased response time.

Solution Highlights:

  • Identifying and archiving business complete & infrequently used data.
  • Implementation of various technical and functional archive objects to meet requirements.
  • Standard & customized archive access methods to effectively access archived data.
  • Cost effective Archiving solution using existing licenses.

Benefits :

  • Unified access methods to access archived and live data from SAP.
  • Improved system performances & reduced operation and administration costs.
  • Compliant storage mechanisms to be able to store and retrieve archived data in the long-term.