SAP Data Archiving

Customer Profile:

  • India’s largest private sector company in the Diary industry.
  • Location: Chennai.
  • ?36.7 billion Revenue.
  • Dairy ingredients exported to 38 countries in the American, Middle East and South East Asian Market.
  • Future expansion plans to strengthen global presence, ISO 9001:2000 Certified.


Challenges & Opportunities:

  • Rapid business growth, resulting in large database, reduced performance & elevated administration costs & increased downtime during upgrade.
  • Reduce database size, archive business complete data.
  • Reduce administration, operation cost, System downtime during maintenance & Upgrade activities.
  • Improve system performance & facilitate smooth operations.
  • Keen on upgrading SAP environment to cater to the growing business expansions and their requirements, but wanted to reduce upgrade time and complexity.

Solution Highlights:

  • Identified & Standardized archiving policy for all business data and put in place a long term archiving blueprint and strategy.
  • Automated data archiving processes for all business complete data.
  • Categorized archived data for long term storage.
  • Developed various access mechanisms for end user access to archived data.


  • Long term cost effective secured storage, retrieval and management of archived data.
  • Significantly Reduced operational & administration costs.
  • Significantly Reduced downtimes during maintenance & upgrade activities.
  • Reduced database size and Improved system performance.
  • Effective and smooth business operations.