Velocious Time Sheet Tracking Tool

Have you wondered how to get visibility in terms of people’s productivity and on which activities consume their maximum time? Is this aligned with your departmental or functional objectives? A time tracking tool not only allows for detailed visibility of where your people are spending maximum efforts but also allows for them to:

  • Introspect internally to find out areas that could be automated.
  • Determine areas of wasted time, and realign to maximize productivity


  • Lack of detailed visibility on where people are spending maximum time.
  • Tracking Project Costs and Estimating Future Costs.
  • Associating people costs to processes as a part of value stream analysis.

Solution Overview

Velocious Time Sheet tracking tool is an easy to use web and mobile browser-based solution for enterprises to track time spent by managers, employees, and freelancers / sub-contractors on projects, tasks or any specific engagement. The time tracking tool helps provide detailed visibility on activities performed by people to determine how costs can be apportioned, areas of productivity improvements and brainstorm on which areas could be automated.

Input working hours and maintain daily, weekly or monthly timesheet workflows with easy weekly submissions and send automated approval reminders and reminders to timesheet defaulters. Velocious time tracking tool offers simple ways to digitally store and also easily retrieve your employee data.

Detailed features as below:

Employee Onboarding & Self Registration

Velocious Time Sheet tracking tool offers enhanced onboarding features like sending personalized welcome emails, request new hires to complete their employee profile and self-register on the portal.

Leave Management

Leave management enables you to set automated leave requests and create multiple leave requests as per company policies with real-time record of available and used leaves. The solution can also be integrated to your existing leave management applications.

Effective Project Tracking

The solution as a Project Management tool allows team leaders to set project deadlines, assign tasks to the employees and track progress of the project in terms of daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

Measure Productivity

Velocious Time Sheet Tracking Tool enables transparency in time being spent on specific projects, tasks or activities, helping executives and managers take informed leadership decisions.

Accurate Billing

For a client-facing business, Velocious Time Sheet Tracking Tool is a great tool to accurately bill their customers on time & material basis ensuring long term client relationships.


A comprehensive dashboard provides valuable insights on time sheet activities of resources, time sheet approval and rejection rate, over-allocated and under-allocated resource counts and much more.

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