Leverage Robotic process automation and Avaali’s Velocious Chatbot to redefine the logistics and shipment tracking

Velocious RPA for Logistics and Shipment Tracking

Supply chain and logistics industry have been suffering from immense competition for a long time which is driving their prices down and leaving next to nothing profit margins. At the same time, customer expectations are increasing, and they are constantly looking for faster turnaround on shipments, visibility, and alerts in terms of where their shipments lie at any time.

Furthermore, the business processes in supply chain and logistics industry are highly manual and time consuming. There is a high dependency on back office team on collecting/collating the data from different sources and updating in the portal. Logistics providers keep tracking origin freight agent websites/portals for the shipment status and if shipment status is not updated frequently, consignee has to do various follow ups. The current method of tracking shipment status is either outdated or uses non-friendly user interface.

Redefine Logistics and Shipment Tracking with RPA and Velocious Chatbot

Avaali has come up with a unique solution for forward-thinking companies in Logistics and Supply Management segment. Our Velocious tracking solution allows you to significantly improve internal process agility and improve customer experience. Leveraging Robotic Process Automation and Chatbot, our solution allows you to innovate in terms of your customer engagement, while reducing costs, and create a compelling competitive difference.

Key advantages

Reduce Manual Efforts by Automatically Collecting and Collating Data from Numerous Sources

Avaali’s RPA solution automatically collect and collate data from multimodal carriers and 3PLs. Our solution collects data from different sources such as email, portals, EDI Messages, forms, third party websites automatically and then process & load this data into the tracking system automatically. Thereby minimizing the human interaction in the tracking process. Data is updated instantly so consignee can check correct shipment status any time using Velocious Chatbot.

Leverage Velocious Chatbot to Communicate Shipment Status Updates to Consignee

Avaali’s Velocious Chatbot, an NLU based artificial intelligence platform for the consignee to track shipment data and hence enhanced customer satisfaction. Velocious Chatbot can multiple shipment items based on date range, tracking number or shipment amount etc. Consignees can also view tracking history and latest total shipments using Velocious Chatbot.

Optimize Invoicing and Credit Collection

Use RPA to interface with consignee’s freight bill payment portals and automatically extract shipping data, attach scanned PODs (proof of delivery) and invoices. 4

Automated Regular Updates to Consignee

Automated Email notifications can also be configured using this solution to the consignee when the order is processed, shipped or delayed.

Seamless Integration with Legacy Systems

Both RPA and Velocious Chatbot can be seamlessly integrated with your legacy systems for e.g. SAP, Salesforce, Oracle EDS etc.



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