SAP Data Archiving Good Practices

Explosive data growth in SAP systems causes deterioration of application performance and user productivity, high costs due to large tier-1 Enterprise Storage volumes with high redundancy as well as high administration costs due to long backup and maintenance windows. Furthermore, large databases cause longer system downtimes during upgrades and restorations, resulting in loss of business.

Did you Know?

  • Nearly 62% of enterprises are using their primary storage systems to store inactive data
  • Around 80% of stored data goes unused after 90 days

Data archiving is essential to every enterprise’s information management strategy. It can free up valuable SAP database memory, enable better backup and restore performance, reduce administrative expenses and ensure regulatory compliance. Utilizing archiving and backup system can help reduce overall costs by upwards of 82%. Some of the key benefits of Data Archiving are:

  • Lower Hardware cost for ERP Production & Backup environment
  • Faster Backup cycles
  • Reduce downtime during SAP upgrades
  • Improved System Performance
  • User-friendly retrieval of archived data within SAP ERP UI
  • High compression on Archive server
  • Secure & encrypted data archival along with WORM compliance

Avaali follows global best practices for SAP Data Archiving implementations, based on many years of implementation experience.

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