How can Technology enable Peak Performance Even During a Global Pandemic?

The Coronavirus Global Pandemic has impacted business across the globe. Enterprises that stood tall mere weeks ago, are striving to figure out their future and increasingly shifting from progress mentality to survival mentality, turning their backs on innovation and strategic development. According to a UN report, global economy can shrink up to 1 percent in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But disruption is not something new for businesses and the larger frameworks for dealing with disruption remain as central as ever. The principles that drive adaptability and progress are even more relevant.

In the face of this global crisis, enterprises can not only protect their bottom line but also achieve exceptional results with the help of technology. Please join us for a session to learn how technology can enable peak performance even during this global pandemic.

Our guest speaker for this session is Mr. Balaji A, Global Chief Information Officer at United Phosphorous Limited. Balaji speaks about key priorities for organizations and business leaders in a time of crisis, how to be better prepared for future crisis and guidelines for leveraging technology to achieve exceptional performance during uncertain times.

Access the webinar through the below link.