BIDCO Africa’s Shared Services Transformation with OpenText Suite of Solutions

The shared services organization sits at the center of the value chain of any enterprise. When your shared services teams are empowered with digital intelligence there are no limits to what your business can achieve.

BIDCO Africa, one of the leading consumer goods companies headquartered in Kenya, was facing multiple challenges related to productivity of its Shared Services team, keeping track of their huge volume of invoices and a lack of structured approach to their documents and records management.

Avaali solutions helped BIDCO streamline its key SSC processes via implementation of OpenText suite of solutions. We invite you to this exclusive webinar featuring guest speaker Mr. Alkane Patel, Chief Information Officer, BIDCO Africa to understand BIDCO’s Digital transformation journey with OpenText solutions such as Vendor Invoice Management & Enterprise Content Management.

Watch this exclusive webinar on enabling shared services transformation with OpenText suite of solutions. We dive deep into:

  • Good practices in transformation of SSC processes such as AP automation, Content Management etc.
  • BIDCO’s digital transformation journey including challenges, solutions and key outcomes
  • Avaali’s SSC transformation expertise