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Deliver HR excellence while bringing down Enterprise Risks

The HR organization is constantly faced with the challenge of providing excellence in their performance together with consistent enforcement of policies and guidelines. Whether you are operating as HR shared services or an independent HR organization, managing large volumes of workforce records is not only cumbersome but also risky given that retention and deletion guidelines need to be properly administered. Employee records are the lifeblood of any enterprise, and ensuring proper user authorization and access is imperative.  Whether you are dealing with full time, part time or contract workers, the amount of documentation in the process is huge. There are scores of regulations that prescribe how employee records have to be kept and when they should be shredded. It is important for the HR organization to be able to retain or producing these documents at a moment’s notice whether during an audit or an assessment.

With a digital employee file management solution, enterprises can effectively deal with improved data and document management, compliance, litigation preparedness as well as improved efficiencies in performance. The solution helps you to consolidate paper and digital files and collect, digitize, and centralize all employee documents and master data in a single repository. Employee documents can be securely archived in accordance with legal guidelines.  They can also be deleted at the proper time thereby reducing the risks of litigation. Integrated workflows automate the entire review and approval process and document related inquiries.

Using the name of assigned employee number, the records can be easily retrieved from a hierarchical folder structure. Regardless of whether you are looking for the master data or original documents, your global HR organization and authorized users can view and access all information based on their rights. This ensures that there is no cumbersome transfer of paper files or electronic files between locations. Thumbnails of complete personnel file allows you to skim through a scanned paper file without leaving your desk or searching through various employee folders. The solution is tightly integrated with your ERP and ensure that you are able to link data and documents all at the same time within a single application. Maintenance and updates to HR master data can therefore be completed quickly.

The solution allows for paper based documents to be scanned and directly linked to the right personnel records in your ERP. Employees and managers can scan, upload documents and route them for review and approval process. In order to allow digitization of large archives of paper files, there is also an option for a mass import interface to which third party scanning providers can connect. All documents handled in the system are permanently stored in secure long term archive. Only authorized users will be able to have access to these records, define retention periods and securely delete them when required.

An employee is able to view the contents of their files and have limited access based on their user rights. They no longer have to rely on the HR department to give them copies of these records. This therefore improves the efficiency of the HR organization as routine enquiries are eliminated. The HR shared service organization is able to perform better and deliver their SLA’s. The content is protected from natural disasters such as fire or flood and can also be archived at geographically dispersed storage locations to ensure that they are available.

With the Employee File Management solution, your HR department can now focus on strategic people related processes without having to worry about labor intensive administrative activities, thereby working with your business users to become a truly strategic HR business partner.