Rapidly digitalize operations and reduce costs

Enterprises are increasingly going paperless and are asking their vendors, customers etc. to provide documents in electronic format. Paper handling therefore comes down significantly, and yet, there are several other challenges that need to be dealt with including understand the content that comes in, routing it to the right user, storing it in a centralized [...]

Upskilling of Information Management(IM) Professionals

Upskilling of Information Management(IM) Professionals Typically, professional development is often relegated to the back burner when we have the time or the funds to invest in it. But this is now being increasingly recognized by professionals, as an indispensable condition for accelerating the steps to their career goals. Beyond skill building, this leads to immense [...]

EIM Shared Application Management & Maintenance Services

EIM Shared Application Management & Maintenance Services Are your ReadSoft applications working hard to deliver process agility, governance and visibility into your processes? How well are they being supported by your service provider? Are your current internal IT support services teams skilled to handle current landscape of digital technologies and relevant business processes? If you [...]

Several organizations are looking at ways to optimize the procure to pay (P2P) process for profitability, efficiency and compliance.

One of the most common problems organizations face in the procure-to-pay process is undetected financial leakage. Best in class organizations are putting in place strategies and operating practices together with tools and technologies not only to have early visibility into the spend / liabilities but also to manage the process in an efficient and error-free […]

Technology Solutions For Real Estate Sector

Join us for a webinar on Jan 29, 2015 at 4:00 PM IST. The Indian Real Estate Sector has witnessed significant growth in the last decade resulting in phenomenal change in the sophistication of the business, and this is only set to further deepen. Across the value chain of this Sector from Project Conceptualization, Planning […]