Your Challenges

As the LOB Head of Sales, you have a pretty complex role to ensure that not only are you managing the lead to deal closure cycle but are also interfacing with multiple internal and external stakeholders to ensure a happy customer relationship / customer engagement.

Your sales team needs to stay fully engaged by not only knowing what opportunities / accounts to visit on a daily or weekly basis but also be fully aware in terms of how they are faring vs their targets. They need to be constantly trained on your new offerings in addition to ensuring that they are fully equipped to sell all your solutions in the most effective manner.You also want your sales organization to have a 360 view of their customers to be able to engage with them effectively. Read more


The transformation opportunities with digital are many. Below are some key areas where sales organizations are leveraging digital for such transformation:

    • Mobile enabled workforce: Using mobile applications you can not only assign leads / territories / to-do’s for your sales team, but also track their engagement on a daily basis even when they are in a remote area / out of office.
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To function well in your role, our customers tell us that they not only need to have a great team but also tools that provide them the right information when and where they need it. Contrary to popular perception, success in sales is a result of great planning backed by solid data, and this something that every sales person in the team should be equipped with before they can hit the market. Your sales team needs to have visibility to complete customer information including sales order history, open support calls, outstanding disputes, recent inquiries and also the contract history before they meet their accounts.

Collaborating with multiple stakeholders before, during and after the sales cycle is critical for you to stay on top of your customer engagements. Having the required tools that enable you to do it in a fast and efficient manner is also critical for your success in this role.

Key Business solutions

With this solution , your sales team will have a 360 view to customer information and a collaboration platform deeply integrated with your ERP. All customer information including structured data from your ERP and unstructured documents, can be accessed via role specific business process views. As a result, all customer facing roles are fully informed about the status and current activities regarding a customer, can swiftly respond to customer inquiries and make informed decisions regarding the account. The customer folder is fully integrated with your SAP ERP and / or and the respective SAP user interfaces with an intuitive user interface. Alternative access is provided outside SAP in the preferred environment of the user, be it MS Outlook, Windows Explorer, or the rich Web user interface of OpenText Business Workspaces Role based personalized access, notifications, follow-ups and activity feeds increase the productivity of the account team.  The solution also allows collaboration between teams working on an account for example in bid creation, proposal etc. 

This application for lead and workforce management empowers your sales team with ready information of not only the visits to make / sales plans on any day, but also allows to capture information relating to the sales visit for ready analysis and review by their manager.  Your sales team that also has collections as their KPI could leverage the collections management application to keep track of their customer outstanding, payment details etc. and send back updates to their backend teams and managers.

With this solution , your sales team responsible to collect customer information via surveys, questionnaire, feasibility study, merchandising etc. can easily collect information with option to collect text, text, video, multi choice, single choice, grid, tabular data input, drop down selection, pipe questions, branching logic, time, date etc.

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