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Digital asset management (DAM)

Digital asset management (DAM) refers to the processes and technologies that an organization puts in place to manage and distribute their digital media properties. These properties may be in the form of photos, videos, PDFs, presentations and other documents.

Every enterprise today has a wide range of digital media files. However, these files are useful assets only if they can be found and usefully applied and re-purposed whenever required. While there are quite a few simple, web-based tools tools available today that allow people to create, collate, manage and distribute their digital media, it is in the interest of larger organizations to opt for best of breed DAM solutions.

Key Benefits of Digital Asset Management

While there are many benefits of Digital Asset Management, some of the most widely acknowledged ones are:

  • Maximizes returns from an organization’s investment in digital media & brand assets
  • Fosters brand consistency across all customer touch points.
  • Effectively meets compliance requirements and greater brand control – only approved assets will be accessed by business users and put to use.
  • Helps improve employee productivity.
  • Manages and helps distribute videos to make the most of the growing demand for online video with minimal investments.
  • Allows sales channels to customize and localize sales and marketing materials to increase sales effectiveness.
  • Accelerates production timelines for catalogs and multi-channel marketing campaigns to be first to market and reduce costs.
  • Reduces costs of manual labor and improves efficiency by automating several tedious processes at once.

The need for digital asset management software

In a completely connected world, consumers are increasingly becoming recipients of a wide range of content from enterprises. These may include brand launches, advertisements, marketing materials, promotions and various other forms of business communication. In order to increase the consumers’ attention span, enterprises are devising newer ways to enrich content and thus make it more attractive for the consumer.

It is well known that rich media creation is expensive and difficult to produce. It is therefore important that these assets are managed well, repurposed or re-used most effectively and disseminate across multiple distribution channels to a wide set of audiences.

Avaali is a Canto Certified Sales Partner (CSP) with Silver Status. Avaali offers advisory services, implementation and support services for the Canto Cumulus solution to enterprises. Our consultants come with deep understanding of global best practices in management of rich media assets. Our engagement typically starts with fully understanding the business drivers for such investment, to be able to then focus our implementation efforts to help customers derive early business value.

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